Noodles and Company

1416 W McGalliard Rd, Muncie
(765) 288-9900

Recent Reviews

Carlos Perez

I never seen this business in Palm Springs but I was craving noodles. I got their Korean Spicy Beef noodles and immediately fell in love. The spices deliciously bought out the beefs full flavor and left me in awe and happy I took a chance eating at a new place.

Gary Balser

Way over priced small portions of food. The taste of the food was not that good either. This was my first time eating at Noodles & Company. I found Fazoli's food was much better. Fazoli's pricing was much more fair. This was a first time at being to either place.

Marie Marks

Umbrellas are naver open on nice days, we had to ask someone to help after trying to open it ourselves. Tables are not vary clean inside or outside. Service it good and the food is always great!

Myra Fraley

My granddaughter ordered lomein orange noodles and I had a ceaser salad. Both were very good.

Thomas Cortner (xXxDragonxXx)

Always great, I have never had a bad experience here.

Charlie Rosenthal

James Rosenthal, just a reminder that if they still charged the credit card, that is wire fraud and a federal offense. Make sure they know the name on the card so they have a chance to make it right. You may want to contact them. If they still charge the card, call their county attorney and he will see to it the noodle company makes it right.

James Rosenthal

Ordered curbside pick up and waited outside for 35 minutes and my order said ready for 30 minutes, order never came out and didn’t want cold noodles so I am very disappointed in how their curbside service was. Never ordering from here again….

Thomas Cortner

Always great, I have never had a bad experience here.

Rebecca R.

Both my family and I tried to order online (a few attempts) for pickup and the order did not go through. I tried to call the phone number listed on the website and it went to a person in Oklahoma (Dana) who I gave my credit card info to and she could not get the order to go through. She gave me a different number to try and it went to a guy (Derrick) in Colorado. He knew my name and phone number. I cancelled my order at this time. The dining room was closed so I could not go in personally to place my order. The phone app did not work either. This screams "NOODLES DOES NOT WANT YOUR BUSINESS AND WHILE WE ARE TELLING YOU THIS, WE ARE STEALING YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION!" What is going on here? I wonder if anyone else on social media is having the same frustration? I will check. Have your IT department fix these issues.

Jessica Fahey

We had a pick up order. Ordered a kids meal Mac and cheese but there wasn't much cheese on it, mostly plain noodles. They also forgot to add our second side but I should have made sure my husband knew what all should have been included since he picked the food up. The bbq pork Mac was really good and my daughter really liked her spaghetti.

Misty Blakley

Service is always on top of things and greats you when you come in. Food is always good

Zachary Dwyer

Great place! Clean, good food, love the udon noodles! And they have one of those soda machines from the movies. ?

Marnell Bishop

Joined a friend for lunch and it was OK. I appreciate the low cal options they offer. I tried the cauliflower rigatoni and I have to say I'll probably go back to the zucchini noodles next time. The cauliflower rigatoni tasted fine, but definitely had an al dente mouthfeel, bordering on chewy, which I am not a fan of. One person in my party requested no mushrooms in their dish and repeated the request when confirming the order but got mushrooms anyway. The staff was good about re-doing the dish when asked. The potstickers and tomato soup were delish!

Vera Berger

Love it..but prices are little high for pasta and 2 small ( smaller than what they were a few years ago) chicken..and light on anything that goes on the pasta..I always have to pay extra for sauces..or vegetables that I have added because they are very sparce for the amount of pasta

Mel B

Slim menu, overpriced, cold and empty. I ordered cheese bread and the bread was extremely small pcs.

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