The Cup

1606 W University Ave, Muncie
(765) 216-7790

Recent Reviews

Laura M.

Never had a good experience, and have given it many chances over the years. No decaf. So-so bagels. Owner sits outside judging customers. Staff is typically unprofessional. Just a strange and unwelcoming place.

Courtney P. Simpson

The cup is an actual adult coffee shop for Ball State students and the community of Muncie. It's usually never too crowded, and the service is usually quick. The drinks and food are definitely quality. It's nice to be in an adult atmosphere after being in some freshman classes. If you're tired of all the noise at the student center Starbucks, try the cup.

Nicole Campbell

Great vibes, friendly staff, great outdoor seating on a beautiful day. Was able to enjoy it with a bagel and coffee. They also have vegan options which is a major plus. Highly recommend for a good mellow start to the day.


Love the vibes of this place. Great service from a barista named Ben The coffee and food were very good. I'm coming back next time I'm in town!

D. H.

Very quaint. I had a blueberry tea that was bursting with flavor.

Grant Byman

I love the table seating for homework and catching up with friends. I am a repeat customer. They continually improve the experience here and really care about the coffee house experience

Matt Garringer

One of the best coffee shop atmospheres I’ve been in!

Amanda Huynh

A dirty hippie (cold or iced) with a toasted everything bagel and jalapeño cream cheese is a recipe for a good day. Great service and atmosphere.

Savannah B.

My comfort coffee shop. My go-to place to study and get work done. I've been to The Cup more times than I can count in the past 2 years so I feel like this review should say a lot more than someone who has been once. The cup is my favorite local coffee shop, hands down. Personally I feel as though the environment is great, the food is good, and the coffee is tasteful. (Their stickers are adorable as well.) Highly recommend!

Chris Orto

The Cup is one of the best places to grab a coffee and some bagels. I got married here as well. Kind of awesome.

Blake Arseneaux

Really cool place

Elleyann B.

Quaint lil coffee shoppe with a hippie vibe. Breakfast is very good.

Dance on the Go Kaitlyn Roberts

I loved this little place; it even had a sign in the window saying that they except people of all gender identities and sexual orientations.

Thomas Cox (Tom)

Great experience!Good coffee, they can actually create a nice thick foam on top of the latté's, and the ambiance was perfect.Beautiful day to enjoy good coffee on their outdoor patio area.

Judas Effect

Cute blonde zoe deschanel look alike who is cool down to earth serving me coffee and great bagels if they had bagels with locks the place would in a word be perfect loved the old angtiues decor everywhere as well

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