Cafe 32

9225 Indian Creek Pkwy # 140, Overland Park
(913) 232-8520

Recent Reviews

Markus Marrs

Very clean, owner is super nice and she is a great cook! Food was delicious! I definitely recommend checking this cafe out!

Matthew Dexter

Great breakfast sandwiches and lunch specials!

Bay Woodroff

For breakfast I had a breakfast burrito with ham, cheese, hash browns, green pepper, onions, and of course eggs. It was kinda small, but the presentation was the best of any breakfast burrito I've ever had. It was wrapped tight and neat like a a sushi roll. That made it really easy to eat one-handed. It came with some salsa and sour cream on the side.

Kathy Ruiz

The food is great. I love the Philly special. The sushi is great. Even more important the service is amazing!!!

Jessica Tremonti


Whitney Matthews

Super friendly and the food is amazing!!! I've been there for lunch 3 days in a row. Pretty sure I'm going to be a regular.

Tim Hilton

Love this place! Always a go-to for quick lunches near Corporate Woods. Super friendly and enough of a breakfast and lunch menu there's always a good choice. Highly recommend the lunch specials, too!

Kaleb Sweet

There are a couple of cafe's on the corporate woods campus but this is by far the best. Great service a homey vibe and good food. The manager remembers most all of her customers and many even by name. I like to go outside to the poppycock tables under the trees.

Roxanne Mc

Excellent staff and good food.

Taylor S.

Very tasty and very reasonably priced. Great place to go during lunch hour. The staff is awesome and fast! They also have fresh sushi and fried rice (Wednesdays?) that are pretty great.

David P. Woods

Next building over

Nick Alexander

Good spot to grab a bite or a soda if you're working in corporate woods.

Qdown D.

Im not sure what the hype is about. The food is made fresh but the ingredients are crap, very generic taste. Its also overpriced and if you are not careful the owner will over charge you for an item which she has done to me twice. Speaking of the owner, she has a very rude vibe and does not speak or greet at all. Once you buy something you might get a thank you. I actually work in one of the two buildings so its very convenient considering everything else requires transportation but not even that will get me back in this shady place. #garbage

Steve D.

My dine-in lunch experience was excellent. I ordered the Thursday lunch special (Philly cheese steak with chips and a drink) for $6.95. My sandwich was ready in about three minutes, and tasted great, with plenty of delicious meat, and my choice of onions, peppers, and mushrooms on a tasty, fresh bun. There was a good variety of chips, including my favorite veggie straws. The service was cheerful, friendly, and helpful. The dining area was spotless, and comfortable. Fresh sushi was also available. This is a great stop if you find yourself at Corporate Woods.

Christine A.

Staff is friendly and the food is made to order and is fast! My favorite meals from here are breakfast - try a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich on a croissant and for lunch, try the cheesesteak - but that is one of their specials that is only served on certain days. They have free wifi you can use while waiting and eating and they have a tv in the corner for some entertainment while you're there.

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