Imo's Pizza

11552 W 135th St, Overland Park
(913) 529-4667

Recent Reviews

Janet R.

Loved my pizza. So yummy.

Dennis Nealey

Imo's pizza is the best pizza in town hands downwith toppings from edge to edge not like most stores that make a 10 inch pizza in the middle of a 15 inch crust. Ingredients are top notch fresh for a great pizza.


Fast and delicious! I always make a trip to Imo's when I'm in town.

Amy Harris

Awesome food and service will definitely be coming back

Robert Mendon

Best pizza in town i love the fact that they use real whole bacon slices on their pizza.

Kevin Gilchrist

Food it's what you wanted. When you wanted it . very very good food

Alysia Henderson

Hyuckin love st louis style pizza. Provel bites are the best.


Wasn't a fan of the pizza at all! Took one bite and didn't take another. My kids also didn't like it at all. The salad was good and so was the cinnamon bread and garlic cheese bread. Delivery took an hour at 4pm. 60 bucks thrown down the drain today.

Hj Rodgers

Great taste! Trust me I am from St.louis and I must give props to KC for getting the ingredients right! ?? Highly Recommended.

Acorn Richards

I was impressed. Ive tried a few pizza joints since moving here from NY and the pizza has been awful. But Imos is some of the BEST pizza! Finally found a pizza joint I'm happy with.

Bailey W.

Ordered for the first time yesterday, got wings, bread bites, pizza, fries and the cinnamon bites. All was very yummy and definitely will be going again. Also reasonably priced!

Marc Gregory

We make the trip from Lee's Summit every so often for the pizza. Always good.

Mike M.

St. Louis pizza is delicious. So much better than that thick stuff from Chicago. I had the jalapeño pizza and it was terrific. The sauce is awesome. My only concern are the employees. They need to be friendlier and more out going. Other than that, this place rocks.

Jennifer P.

2.5 is about the best I can give. Let me start by saying I was born and raised in St. Louis, MO and the St. Louis style pizza is my favorite. I have to be honest and say while I lived in St Louis I ate Imo's one time. it was so long ago I have no idea how it was. For reference my favorite St. Louis style pizza in STL was Cusamano's pizza. It was behind my house in Glasgow village. Ahhh memories. Also Ponticello's was good too. Now that I have given away my STL North county roots on to Imo's. I was in KC visiting family and we had wanted to do a STL leg but due to time could not. I was missing my city and decided to get Imo's. We got the 4 square which is a large one topping pizza, salad, garlic bread and toasted ravioli. If you are from St. Louis you know toasted ravioli is basically it's own food group. First they forgot the salad. Second the garlic bread was a hoagie cut in 2 with sliced cheese that was not even fully melted on it. Slight garlic/butter taste. The pizza was meh. Probably the most like what I remember Imo's being a million years ago. But the saddest part? The toasted ravioli. It was limp and not toasted. It was so sad. Did I eat it? Yes. But it legit tasted like some Luisa's that was not cooked all the way. I will not be eating Imo's again when I come to KC and will save my STL pizza cravings for the actual city.

Greg Kinkade

Always a good reliable thin crust pie.

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