LaMar's Donuts and Coffee

8615 College Blvd, Overland Park
(913) 469-0699

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Tim L.

If you are looking for a donut extravaganza this is the place. The long John donuts are the biggest things I have ever seen. Plus they come with a vanilla cream filling to die for. Fresh and tasty donuts all around. Amazing! Get in and get you some. The staff was really friendly and you could tell they loved to be there helping us. We were visiting from the Chicago area and would love to find a way to get a LaMars in our hometown.

Katie Roberts

The donuts are FANTASTIC, but the manger is not. I ordered for pickup the night before, and when I arrived at 8:40am to pick it up, she was extremely rude. "You can't do that! You can't order after 4pm when we close or I don't get it" and rolls her eyes at me...I prepaid online. You open at 4am, there's no reason you shouldn't have an 8:40am order. And I didn't say a single thing. I'm a nice person, an understanding customer. Don't give attitude to someone who simply was proactively trying to order ahead and gave you 4.5 hours to prep it.I am absolutely ok with a longer weight or having to work through if the system didn't put it through. But before I can say a single word, you're rolling your eyes at me and telling me it's my fault? This location needs a new manager.

Ben Asmann

Two stars instead of one only because the actual donuts are so good. Hope you have time to stand around and wait for them! Oh, and don't bother trying to get in front of that issue by ordering ahead, because you'll still wait in the long, slow line, just like everyone else, not get your order made until you're at the front of the line, and then catch attitude from the manager if any frustration is sensed. Not like people have places to be on weekday mornings, right?She might even accuse you of being impatient and then lie about how long they've had the order when you have a 16 minute old text saying your order is being made.

Julienne Evarts

Oh good lord these doughnuts are fantastic! The coffee is delicious and most if the service is great which brings me to Nick. Nick wrapped my doughnuts in paper with a little too much enthusiasm and crushed my old fashioned. He did not seem to care about his job and treated all of the customers like they were an inconvenience. He does not seem to know anything about the coffee machine or how to ring up coffee and should probably work in the back away from customers.Really good doughnuts and coffee though.

Charles M.

Customer service is lacking in this store! 2 stars for the employees who were friendly and the boss on this shift who doesn't even smile. LaMar's is known for Quality, Service, and Environment! This store has at least 2 out of three so that's a little over 66% yay!

S L Niemann

Though short-staffed, the assistant manager, Tori, was extremely helpful, and answered all our questions fully, describing how the donuts were cooked, etc. Her attitude and helpfulness was better than the donuts, and that is saying a lot! The Bavarian cremes were fantastic and fresh, even at 1pmEDIT: I'd take pictures, but the donuts are already gone.

Pat Hawkins

Hadn't been there for over a year. Prices have gone up. Lines are still long. Well worth the treat. Just give me 1 regular glazed, please.

Scott Sperry

The best donuts in Kansas City! Every classic - glazed, old fashions, apple fritters, various cake donuts. And all kinds of frosting - chocolate, maple, and sprinkles!

Sarah Vonnahme

I have missed LaMar's for so long and was over the moon when I saw there was one close to where we were staying! I went right away and it was national donut day so got free donuts which was a pleasant surprise! Now just get some of these in Texas!

Kris Massey

I have been buying LaMar's donuts for many years. They have always been the best. However, the 2 longjohns and 2 dozen donut holes were absolutely horrible!! This was the store on College & Quivirqa... mnk

John Landeck

These donuts are delicious! Even though they cost more than other places, Lamar’s makes very good donuts and many of their specialties are enormous! My fiancé got an Apple fritter and it was huge! I tried a bite and it was the best Apple fritter I’ve ever had. You definitely won’t be disappointed in the taste or size of your donuts at Lamar’s!

Amanda Alexander

Entrance to LaMar's faces South towards College. This doughnut place makes the best cinnamon rolls.Thank you

Tammy G

Be careful they are operating a very tiny location without requiring 6 ft or masks. I won't be back due to their lack of concern for their patrons.

Suzanne Witcher

Donuts were delicious but the service wasn't the best. I had never visited Lamar's and wanted to look at the menu but I felt very rushed ☹

Brett Cottrell

yummy good donuts. why 25 words

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