MIYABI Japanese & Asian Bistro

7809 W 151st St, Overland Park
(913) 681-9910

Recent Reviews

Scott Smith

Good food ,sushi was good just a bit more pricey that usual.service was friendly.

John Baker

I had exceptional service the food was excellent. The service was outstanding. There was a Caucasian waitress that was working her self silly doing everything possible to take care of the tables in this nice little Japanese Bistro. The only problem was a family was what assumed to be a typical south Johnson county family. They were the most self absorbed narcissistic group of name dropping Xxx xxxxxs that give Johnson county a bad name. The think everyone should read there mind. I think this is a strategy they have when they go somewhere so they get the bill cut down to where they can afford it.The food was excellent the service was 5 star. It is just to bad that some people that live in a in south Johnson county did not have the benefit of being taught manners and unfortunately have the social skills of gutter trash.

Ty Anderson

Searched for Asian food nearby and MIYABI popped up. Had a 4.6 star so thought why not? It is fairly small but did have open seats at 6 pm on a Friday. I wasn't sure if that was a good sign or bad sign. Ordered California roll to start. It was good. Had General's chicken with white rice. The chicken was avg to just about avg. The sauce was good. It came with a few sprigs of broccoli. Would have liked to have seen a few more vegetables in it. You get a cup of white rice (kinda small). Paid total of $30 (Main dish $13, roll $9, 2 soft drinks $3 +$5 tip). Rate the overall food and experience 3 1/2 stars. Maybe sushi only would be better? Did hear the people sitting behind us having a bad experience. They called over the owner to talk. Said server forgot to bring them soup and their service was slow. For us it was pretty fast.


Good food and friendly staff. Consistent, our go to place for Asian food and sushi. Take out is good as well.

Mere Kat

This place was delicious! We love finding awesome hidden gems. Place was clean and cozy with a great atmosphere and friendly staff. We got the PoPo platter, daikon Maki roll, out of control roll, sizzling shrimp and scallops, and general tso's shrimp. Everything that was cooked was cooked to perfection and generous portions. The sizzling platter actually came out sizzling! Oh did I mention awesome prices!

Lauren Prestia

Quick and wonderful service! Great prices with the amount of food! Definitely will come again!

Seth L.

Great food and always friendly. Takeout is fast and dining is enjoyable. Love this Chinese food and sushi. Lunch specials are a great deal. This is our go to restaurant.

Luana Paulsen

Incredibly large menu with over 200 items. Efficient, busy front of the house staff. Slow kitchen service and back of the house.

James Ericson

Good food. Good service. Low price. Definitely can't complain

Jo K.

Fantastic dinner with family - miso soup some of the best I have ever had. Everything was fresh and so delicious. Amazing selection something for everyone

Sarah Kelly

Such a great little restaurant! We've only been once but the service & food were wonderful. Really good selection & prices.

Douglas Day

The General's lunch special is excellent, as normal.

Corrine Morgan

It’s very quiet but the people there are really friendly and the food is really good! I’ve been going to this restaurant for a few years now and they have never disappointed me with there food. It always tastes great!

Tiffanie Angelo

The food was very fresh and very tasty. The sushi was very good. Very clean place. Will definitely return.

Evie Tan-Todd

Very good food & the tempura bananas for dessert was excellent. Outstanding & friendly service.

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