Bad Wolf Burgers

350 Foreman Ave, Lexington
(859) 286-9889

Recent Reviews

Bryson Wilson II

Had the Thorpe and it was delicious. There were amazing other options though I can't wait to try. Make sure you pay attention to when you go, they close for a couple hrs between 2 and 4 so just be mindful of that! Very awesome spot, will come back

Walter Francis (Khaytsus)

Food was tasty and staff very helpful, however, the place smelled of a bad hair perm and the hamburger meat had the consistency of a processed patty.

Amy Lovering

Decent burgers but not exceptional. Overpriced for what you get. Service was fast and friendly.

Jasmine H.

Family owned and let me tell you how nice they are, I ordered the regular cheeseburger for my teen, fries with my Bad Wolf burger, and some enormous burger the hubby wanted. After we paid he repeated my order and I had to tell him the teen needs the adult cheeseburger not the kids side. He didn't bat an eye or ask us to pay more for it, just said "it'll be on table in just a few!" Super nice of him, and when the order did come he gave all us French fries instead of just me, again, super nice! Now to the burgers.. Delicious, best burger I've had in like a year. Certainly since I've moved here. The monstrosity that the hubby got waterfalled with grease but he loved it. My burger was sooo good, I'll be asking for that seasoning again next time on a smaller burger, I couldn't finish mine! Luckily no food gets wasted with my teen around lol In short, food is great, atmosphere is great, family friendly, eat here!! It's worth it! If I could ask a suggestion for the establishment, more absorbent napkins, and maybe wet-naps or a hand washing station! and once covid stuff is over, more ketchup!

Nathaniel Pendleton

It's hard sometimes to do a burger in an original way but Bad Wolf comes through in spades. The menu is fantastic and the staff are friendly, not to mention this is a local female-owned business, which is something the whole community should be proud to support. A really special treat for the Whovian in your life as well and a very spacious interior with a comfy patio complete the experience. Absolutely top notch.

Bethany Weimer (panopticlove)

Cool, local family owned place that makes you think of Dr. Who by the name and photos. Have some unique burgers that are worth a try. This time I got the mushroom and Swiss burger which was deliciously messy. The tatter tots had the perfect crunchy, crispy taste. Will definitely visit again and try a different burger.

A Alberson

i want to give the chef who hand made my burger a big fat SMOOCH. if u want to experience heaven, this is the way. considering going to college here; i haven't done the tour but this place alone makes me want to stay here forever.

Misty Lynne Beal

I got the Bad Wolf Burger and it was delicious!!

Mindy Amos

The staff was very friendly, and burgers were top notch! I highly recommend stopping in. Loved my burger with egg!!


If this ain’t some of the best burgers I ever had I’ve tried 3 burgers from here I got the Thorpe which is like a royals burger from steak and shake but a 1000X better same with the Cajun burger and they had this mushroom and Swiss burger and I love mushrooms man this burger was good also all their sides are good perfect fries and fried pickles just beware if you get the 12oz burger it will be too much if you don’t get a extra slice of cheese on top all their burgers 6oz included our very filling

Brian Morgan

Very good burgers. We've always been happy with our selections there.

Paul C.

This place is super great to say the least! Very friendly! Their Spalding Burger is the most awesome burger I ever had in years!

Shane Tucker

This place was understaffed and the floors were sticky but if I was passing through I’d seek this place out. I got the Spaulding Burger and it was AWESOME. My whole fam loved their food.

Sara K.

We're in Lexington visiting family and this is a place they took us to. Nice decor and friendly vibe, very COVID compliant. Since we had a cranky 4 year old with us, it was nice to sit outside by ourselves. I had the Bad Wolf Burger...what a treat! Hand shaped pattie with bacon, smoked gouda, onion straws and a tangy mustard/balsamic sauce. So good! I only wish that it had had just a bit of pink to meat as it was slightly dry. Hubby had a regular cheeseburger which he enjoyed. Daughter had the pineapple Burger which she wolfed down with glee. The granddaughter had a very kid friendly grilled cheese, nice quality cheese! Fries are fresh cut style and nicely seasoned.

Lindsey Little

This was my first time there and I cannot wait to go back!! I tried the badwolf burger, and will be trying the Thorpe next! I recommend trying their tatertots as well.

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