Bandido Taqueria Mexicana

535 S Upper St suit 145, Lexington
(859) 317-9721

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John Levins

Fun, tasty & friendly ...Go get them Tacos

John Wright

Well my friend grew up in San Diego and he says the food is like what he grew up eating in Southern California. This was my first time eating there and I agree the food tastes great. I highly recommend and will be going back.

Alexander P.

Really love this place for their breakfast game. Just wished they actually opened during breakfast.

Gary F.

So to preface this review I want to say that I ordered flour tacos and was served corn shells. I absolutely hate corn shells for the texture and flavor. Yes I know I should've took them back except for the fact I got back to the hotel and found the error. They were short staffed and were closing early wouldn't have done me any good to try. The two stars are because my wife said her nachos were tasty. I have no doubt with the correct shells I would've given the meal at least 4 stars. The meat was seasoned well and toppings were fresh and tasted good. But if I wanted corn I would've asked for them.

Sherri Jones

My new favorite place ! Delicious tacos and burritos ? birria quesadillas and tacos, can't wait to try more items !

Jassiel Garcia

I was so excited to try this place out. Drove 30 min from Nicholasville just to try the Cheetos Elote which they ran out of, so I tried the signature burrito and the Buffalo fries they were both extremely salty the burrito was just filled with beans peppers and junk meat not worth for 10 bucks. The fries were just McDonald’s fries with very acid sauce and ranch honestly nuggets from McDonald’s are better than the chicken on these fries. I loved the concept and location is great but they really to work on food and costumer service I also didn’t fell welcome. ?

David Miracle

Had this place a couple times and loved it. Definitely worth checking out.

Jacob P.

This place is great! Up beat with an awesome ambiance. The environment is fast casual and the selection on beer and margs is killer. The food is like tex mex with a touch of authentic Mexican. Highly recommend for a solid Mexican place! Definitely my new go to!

Jason J.

Avg food. Don't go here expecting local taco. This place kind puts me in the mind of Qdoba

Jarad Downing

Like the other guy said “glorified Taco Bell” is a good description but should be “over priced tacos almost as good as Taco Bell”.The street tacos had a good taste but were cold and have a lot of extra ingredients you would not find in other street tacos. Also they seem to think they are owed cheap labor, they have a sign saying “no one wants to work” which really means no one wants to work for very little pay.They messed up on one of our orders and instead of trying to fix it, they argued about it. It was obvious it wasn’t what was ordered. Also, it might have been true that the water was broken but I feel like it was just so we would have to buy bottled water.There’s lots of good Mexican food in the area, I will be going to those places instead from now on.

Dominque Nicholson

Tacos are delicious. Very clean and modern interior.Highly recommend!

Colleen O.

Pros: The portion size was very large and they gave a generous serving of steak. Cons: Unfortunately the steak was tough and chewy and none of the ingredients were fresh. The guacamole and refried beans were definitely not freshly made - they actually tasted worse than the prepared dips you can find at the grocery store. There was barely any cheese on the dish (I ordered nachos, so definitely not what I expected), and the chips were a little stale. Overall I found this dish to be quite disappointing, but it was ready for pickup on time. There was also a salsa bar in the restaurant - I tried a thin red sauce mislabeled "salsa verde" which I enjoyed! It tasted like a nice mild hot sauce, and it helped add some flavor to the nachos. If you're going to try it out, they have $4 margaritas and $2 tacos on Tuesdays!

Jen S.

This is my new favorite place near campus. After working from home for over a year, I was excited to return and try new Bandido! They did not disappoint. I loved it! The atmosphere is fast casual. It's very similar to what it looked like with the previous tenant. The prices are a little high, but for how good the food is, I didn't mind. I've been there twice, tried two different things, and liked them both. I love the fact that they have elotes (Mexican corn on the cob). It's one of my favorites and it's hard to find...especially in a fast casual environment. They use butter instead of mayo on it, so I guess it isn't technically authentic, but it's good nonetheless. On one trip, I tried the Wildcat burrito. It's a burrito filled with french fries (yum), beans, rice, salsa, guac, sour cream, cheese, and lettuce. And holy's huge! It was enough for two meals. But it was soooo good...and vegetarian. It's always nice to not have to get funny looks by ordering something without the meat. Although my carnivore friends need not can add chicken, beef, or pork to it if you want. My meat-eating boyfriend got the pollo asada burrito and he loved it too (but not as much as my elotes!). I'm excited to try the breakfast foods soon...they sound amazing, too! Overall, I'll definitely be back!

Emma M.

I was hesitant to try Bandido due to a mixture of reviews... but I'm so glad I did! There was a warning on the door of longer wait times due to a short staff. However, we had excellent service and a short wait time. They had unique options (French fries in burritos) and everything was packed with flavor! They also had a condiment and salsa station to pack to-go containers. Overall, I was thoroughly impressed and I look forward to trying more options during my next visit!

Miles M.

Love this place! Awesome breakfast burritos, only wish they were open earlier for them. And you have to get the ramen...atomic ramen is good, but this is nuclear!!! So good

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