1863 Plaudit Pl, Lexington
(859) 543-0063

Recent Reviews

Diane Johnson

My favorite!! ALWAYS GOOD! The staff is more polite than any other place I've been.

Curtis Curcio

The service was excellent. The children was not as tasty as normal. It my have been rushed due to them being busy.

Jay Fullenkamp

Chick-fil-A never disappoints. Another quality meal with great service

Brandy Iglinsky

Can never go wrong coming here. The food is great, service is great and never have I had a complaint. The only thing here is that you may have to wait a few minutes in the drive through line at certain hours, but that because not only they are busy, but you will always leave with what you order, hot food and a smile on your face.


This is the best Chick fli a I’ve been to, hands down. It’s the best one in Lexington for sure. Always fast and ALWAYS fresh, hot food. They’re really on top of it here!

Sjrios 16

I love chic fil a...but i paid for a brownie and didnt recieve it. The line was ridiculous so i didnt go back...but i wont be back for a while. I usually go about 4 times a week. And this isnt the first time ive been been disappointed in this location. Im tired of wasting my money for an hour of time and not getting what i wanted.

Samantha A.

I have never had a bad experience at a Chic Fil A until today. My order was brought out almost 20 minutes after the app said a staff member was bringing it curbside. When the food arrived, the staff member was rude and short with me. I took a sip of my drink, and it was the wrong drink from what I ordered. Okay, they are busy, I'll just go in and swap it out. The staff ignored me for 5 min because they were arguing about an order, and were extremely rude and dismissive of me when they finally acknowledged I was there. Very disappointing, and not at all like any Chic Fil A I've ever visited.

Brittany K.

I normally love Chick-fil-a and choose it over everything but this trip was not a good experience. First, there were three of us who all ordered separately. The person who ordered first didn't get her food until the other two of us were almost finished with ours. My fries and chicken tasted like they had been sitting for a good while before they were served to me. Then we were finishing up our food and had to go to the bathroom and they already had mopped the doorway to come in the restaurant, behind the counter, and all the way to the bathrooms.

Haley Smith

I go to this location frequently & they are always fast. They are all polite and have always gotten my order correct. I truly appreciate this.

Speedy Dave

My favorite fast food chicken sandwich! I've been enjoying Chick-Fil-A for over 30 years and they are one of the few fast food restaurants who have maintained their high quality through the years.

Kristen Dugan

Definitely have been to better chick fil a restaurants. They were slow and forgot portions of the order. Had to go to the counter multiple times to get the missing items. Drive through was moving quickly but inside dining was super slow.

Matt smith

Very fast, cashier in line had difficult time answering questions about menu, good customer service and efficient.

lumber jack

I love me some chick o fil a. Great food great service. I'll be back

Quency Jones

Spend my first time years but it was very pleasant clean in the food was fresh ???????

Jack Leguillon

Worst CFA location I've ever been too, but it's still excellent. Everything but the food was excellent, the food was only good. But still better than most other restaurants in the area

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