Dad's Favorites Deli

Located inside the arcade, 820 Lane Allen Rd, Lexington
(859) 309-1930

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Chris Dunn

My first experience at Dad’s. The asiago pot roast sandwich is delicious. Lunch time crowd was handled expeditiously without issue. My only issue which keeps me from giving it 5 stars is while waiting for my sandwich I observed several instances of folks bagging orders without gloves. Handling napkins and unwrapped utensils with bare hands. In this day and age that shouldn’t happen.

Todd Baker

Hole-in-the-wall deli with fantastic sandwiches. If you’re anywhere near Lexington and have taste buds, do yourself a favor and stop by!


True 5-star establishments are a rare thing these days. Dad’s is a refreshing exception and is a family-run diamond in the rough. The food is outstanding and the service is friendly and so very genuine. You can tell right away that the owner and his sons take a lot of pride in what they’re doing.We had 3 of the sandwiches, 2 soups, tacos, and queso. Everything was absolutely delicious. If I had to choose a favorite it was the pot roast sandwich, but you really can’t go wrong.So glad we stumbled upon this place…100% recommend you check it out.

Jamie Goodman

Everything is amazing, and these people are super nice and passionate about what they do!


As we were waiting for our food, the owner came out and greeted us and explained how he started the business. He then gave us some samples of the soups which were awesome. Our sandwiches were really tasty. My wife said it was one of the best veggie sandwiches she ever had.

Peggy Bigoness

Dad was delightful \\u0026 helpful. Sandwiches were unusual and delicious. Do not hesistate to visit - if you can find : )

Sarah V.

You can never go wrong with Dad's Favorites. The original location is always my favorite and I make an effort to go on Fridays for the mac n' cheese, which is PHENOMENAL. Such a great combination of salty, cheesy and a little kick. The texture is perfect and makes it even more enjoyable. I pretty much stick to the roast beef because I know I love. Everything on the menu is so tasty, but I keep coming back to my favorite classic. You'll regret NOT going here.

Christina Anderson

Goodness!!!! Where do I start? I tried Dad’s for the first time today. I added on a beer cheese on to my call in order after I arrived and I’m so glad I did. As I was waiting on my beer cheese the guy who makes it fresh greeted me asking if I needed help. A few moments later another employee approached me and asked if I was waiting on something. Both guys were super nice. And then Dad himself brought my beer cheese to me. My friend and I ordered two different sandwiches so we share and I was not disappointed with either. They were great. And the beer cheese. Top notch. My new favorite. My friend that normally hates beer cheese kept coming back for more. A+++++++++. Dad said I would be back and he was correct. Lol

Christina Anderson-Sullivan

The Sandwiches are top notch. The beer cheese is the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if I had real beer

Lynze M.

This sandwich was INTENSE. I got one of their specials, roast beef with bacon and beer cheese... at first I was a little surprised at the size of the sandwich, it seemed a little small... but it packs a PUNCH. I was very full by the end of it, but part of me wonders if someone with better capacity (ahem- my husband) would have been satisfied. Either way I was glad I tried it, I'm still not a beer cheese fan, but I can tell everyone else was. The line wasn't too bad around 12 but by 12:30 the place was packed, so schedule your visit properly.

Terah C.

We ended up here on a long road trip back to MI from FL in desperate need of real food. We met Dad and when we said it was our first time there, he took the time to explain all the sandwiches and make recommendations. He was as authentic as the food. Collectively, we tried the Rushmore (the #5 with some yummy upgrades including a heavenly beer cheese sauce), a Turkey Rachel, and the #4 pot roast sandwich. Don't miss the soups, either. We tried the Burgoo and the baked potato soup. Nothing was bad - actually, everything was amazing. I dare say we would come back to Lexington just to eat there again. It was really that good. But you add the service - the care - Dad and his team put into the business and you really have something extraordinary. Believe the hype! Thanks, Dad, for a great meal! Additional review from the 10 year old: "The food was amazing and Dad slipped me some cookies when mom wasn't watching."

John B.

This small local sandwich place had a few picnic tables set up outside, and some tables in a hall in this building around of the other little businesses there. It was hidden in the back, but clearly the secret is out as it was crowded. From a vegetarian perspective, most of the menu was not for me. However, when I ordered a veggie sandwich, it evinced a choice of different breads and cheese spreads, and I was given the clear options of which veggies to include or even add, a level of customization and explanation that I appreciated. I took their recommendation and got a robust-looking roll and whatever cheese spread they wanted. The peppers I added were pickled (making me glad I had left out the normal pickles) but the other vegetables were fresh and crisp and combined with the bread and cheese for an excellent mix of flavors and textures. I took the option of a local Ale-8-one soda (which was pretty much like ginger ale). The titular dad was buzzing about, ensuring that every customer was welcome and taken care of. I would probably try their different spreads if I came back. I do wish they had more variety for me, but as far as quality, it was as delicious of a sandwich as I could have hoped for.

Keeka K.

THIS is the kind of place that deserves a big Yelp shoutout. Dad's Favorites is a hard-to-find hole-in-the-wall that serves amazing food made with expertise and the utmost care, and of course incredible service. You can't go wrong with any selection.

Isabel Hall

We chose Dad's as one of our wedding food options and let me tell you they were a hit. My husband and I are long time fans of Dad's and they were able to get us everything we needed and more. Their cheese is unbeatable and our go to sandwhich which stole the show at our wedding is their roast beef and cheddar.


The best sandwiches and amazing service. The owner is the nicest guy and he will give the best recommendations for a sandwich

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