Jasmine Rice Thai Restaurant

911 Winchester Rd, Lexington
(859) 246-0200

Recent Reviews

Samantha Gamble

This has become my new favorite place to order from! The food is always SO amazing and they are so nice. I could literally eat here every night. I called tonight to ask for help making a change to my order, and they helped me with no hesitation, which meant a lot to me as the change was to help an ill family member.

Krystal Canfield

I ordered tofu pad thai and the steamed pork dumplings. The pad thai was to die for!

Brandi Gillette

The only reason I can think of people eating the food from here is because they've never had genuine authentic Thai food. After living in Thailand for a brief time, we now make an aim to try out different Thai restaurants in the area. We love Thai cuisine and culture. This was hands down the worst Thai food I've had in the United States. The Pad Thai was NOTHING like authentic Pad Thai. It was bright yellow and tasted like dirty water. The Pad See Ew was weird, to say the least. The Basil Chicken Fried Rice had zero basil or basil flavor in it. The fried wontons were mediocre. Every dish was coated with massive amounts of oil (and I'm someone who likes cooking oil). Everything lacked flavor.On the bright side, the people who work here are very nice. They apologized for my experience and refunded me.The only reason I'm giving two stars is because of their kindness. I know I hurt the owner's feelings and I'm sorry for that but the fact remains...this is NOT quality, authentic, nor delicious, Thai food. Go to Nat's instead. (Pictures are of pad Thai and pad see ew)

Michelle Yang

The Pho Dat Biet was the worst I’ve ever tasted. The beef tendons were hard (almost felt like unthawed), the beef balls taste like the cheap beef patties you get at some morning breakfast, and the soup tasted like some weird chicken broth with Indian spices.The fried calamari was really tiny in portion, almost looked like a leftover portion by someone else (about 6-7 shrunken pieces).The Pad Thai was decent and that’s where the consolation 2-stars are coming from.

Aaron Hudson

It's good food. You can't get something just a little bit spicy. Either your food will have no kick to it at all, it you will be in for a wild ride. There is no in between.

Jeff Hester

Delicious Food and Great Service. I have been coming here for three years at least weekly and I've had many of Jasmine Rices excellent dishes such as; Shrimp or Chicken Pad Thai, Pad Kee Mow with Beef or Pork, Red and Green curry soup with seafood, Egg Rolls, Thai Rolls, and many other delicious dishes that I would highly recommend.

Jen Comet

I will never eat here again. Food was awful, it was basically Ramen noodles. Other people I was there with got everything they ordered with their meal. We ordered the same thing but I only got noodle water. I asked to order something else and was given a menu. No one came back for 20 minutes. Everyone else had finished eating. The person who was waiting on our table was more interested in talking and drinking a beer with another man who was there. We were the only table. I approached the worker (who I found out later was actually the owner) and she asked me if I had decided on something. I confronted her and told her I was leaving and I wouldn't pay. Terrible place.

Thanh N.

Worst Thai/Viet food that I've ever had ! We ordered Larb , pad see ew , chicken satay and basil fried rice and all dishes are Very disappointed. Not recommended at all and won't come back either . So sorry

Amelia Simms

Used to love the food here, but the pad Thai I ordered was entirely different than it used to be, in a very bad way. It was completely bland with basically uncooked tofu (why was it not fried??).

Lillian Bartholomew

Awesome food! Great owner. We're just passing through Lexington, but we wish we could return to this great spot. Excellent! Highly recommend the drunken noodles

Kenny Evans

We have been looking for a good Thai restaurant, instead we found an AMAZING Thai restaurant

Paul Tackett

Food is good. PATCAlin is great server please for her on the weekends.......

Julie McNutt

Exceptional service! Super friendly and helpful. Our server was speedy, professional, and personable. And the food! We love Thai food and this did not disappoint. There was a steady stream of customers with takeout orders, but the staff did a fantastic job of rolling things out efficiently and with good cheer. We were just passing through, but will definitely seek it out again if we are in the area.

Christy Tussey

Worst Pad Thai I have ever had. Ordered the pad thai hot and it was as bland as it could be. Absolutely no flavor or appeal. Mushy and unedible. I also ordered an egg roll which was better. I will not be back. Too many other choices out there.

Somer Sloane

I've ordered here a few times and the food is delicious! I normally go to another place but I'm thinking this will be my regular now. So far the massaman curry is my favorite ?

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