Masala Indian Cuisine

3061 Fieldstone Way, Lexington
(859) 224-0001

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Tammy Jones

I've only had Indian food once and it was amazing.The service was great. The lady at the register helped me decide on what to get and she was super nice and friendly.I looked over the dishes at the buffet and thought that maybe I'd stop back in another day and try it out.I stopped in here today and ordered an appetizer sampler and a yellow lentil soup. The chicken and other meat was very dry and they only gave me one shrimp. The soup was bland. The garlic naan was great, but I guess you can't mess that up.As much as I want to like this place, I'm not rich and don't have money to go back and throw it away on food that didn't leave much of a good first impression.

Y C.

The restaurant was well last d out. I ordered nan and chili chicken to go. The rice that came with the chili chicken was fluffy and tasty. However, the chili chicken was extremely salty.

World Traveler

Our “Go To” Indian Restaurant in Lexington. I’ve been to many different Indian restaurants while traveling and I compare all of them to Masala. My favorites are papadum with mint chutney, vegetable samosas, chicken tikka masala (medium heat), and finally some garlic naan. Enjoy!

Rennis virani

Great staff .... ...the lady was very kind and helpful here to come again .... and refer friends to stop by here....

Mike Bolan

Great vegan options and very delicious food. Welcoming owners and we never felt rushed even though we stayed past close. Definitely coming back.

Kathy F.

I have never been here in person but I've ordered from them many times and everything I have gotten has been excellent! I am a pescatarian that does not eat dairy, or a vegan who eats fish so take your pick of what to call me Anyway, my favorite is the Chana Saag-I order mine medium and it is definitely spicy enough for me, but if you like yours hot, order up a spice level or 2. There is a mild option for all of their food as well if you don't like it hot another favorite of mine is the vegetable Pakora (order the mint chutney sauce - it is delicious paired with it). The garlic Naan is also very yummy . All in all, I can recommend this highly

Maddy Zinjurde

We order 2 kingfisher beers Waiter binod gives me 1 dirty glass so we request new beer . Didn't ask for complementary. He said check our plates too its come directly dishwasher. When he go to counter he make fun out of me with other waiter or manager .. I felt to leave to restaurant but my husband was so hungry .

Salma Hassan

The food was best that I’ve ever eaten, so I’ll give that 10/10!! One of the waiters that served us was very respectful and kind.

Crystal Smith

Excellent food!!!!! Indian food is my favorite so I’ve tried a lot of different Indian restaurants. This place has the best food and the best service. I had Chicken Marsala and their soup, both amazing.

April P.

Wow, I can't believe I missed out on this gem when I was working in Lexington! The chicken tikka masala, gulab jamun was one of the best I've ever had! The chicken was moist and not dry. I ordered mild and it was not spicy, it was creamy and the sauce was amazing! My only complaint was I didn't order more! The naan was delicious nice and yeasty, freshly made it was still hot when I got it. The basmati rice was a little dry. But the Gulab Jamun made up for it! Gulab Jamun is one of my favorite desserts its a fried dough in syrup. The cinnamon-coated dough made a difference! The syrup is sweet but complimented the dough.

Ruchik M.

Generally, the food is good. Things I have tried here that I recommend: - karhai chicken. - bread basket. - chicken curry. - mushroom chicken. - samosa (average as compared to some other places that have really good samosa). In addition to these, I have also tried chicken 65 but found it to be inconsistent with pretty dry chicken.

Eugenia Uhrig

Ordered take out about 40 minutely before their closing time. Upon arrival, was still given excellent food & service despite that time frame. A very happy patron for over 10 years.


The service was excellent and friendly, the food was fantastic, the menu price was very reasonable and the overall experience made this place worth eating there again! If you enjoy Indian cuisine, I highly recommend this location!

Karen Fisher

There was something in the food (maybe msg or maybe an herb) but I felt very dizzy with headache after I ate. The chicken korma definitely wasn't as good as Curry House but I was here on Monday and they were closed. :(

Mike Miller

This has been my favorite Indian restaurant in Lexington for the 11 years that I've lived here. Not only is the food delicious, but the customer service is excellent. There was a mix-up todaywhere a doordash driver accidentally took my order from the restaurant before I picked it up because I have a very common name. When I got to the restaurant, they were very apologetic and made my order again at no cost to me. Thank you very much!

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