Mellow Mushroom Lexington

503 S Upper St, Lexington
(859) 281-6111

Recent Reviews

Todd Oldfield

Great food. Allie was the best. Loved her big smile and happy demeanor. Love the Mellow Mushroom!!!!

Dreama Pennington

We were served our drinks & appetizer but it took 40 minutes for someone to come & take our dinner order. Upon arriving to the table she apologized & promised us 50% off. No big deal, we saw they were busy. After waiting for our food we were there for over an hour with watered down drinks. No refills & we received our check & NOTHING had been marked down. We couldn’t even get free drinks?? We paid, tipped & left. Not a fun experience.

Heather R

Ordered curbside- and tipped 20% accordingly (because they’d have to walk the order out). Called the restaurant after arrival as instructed in the curbside order confirmation- male employee who answered the phone said “Yeah, we don’t do that, you’ll have to come in”. Generally speaking, when someone orders curbside during a surge in a pandemic- it’s for a reason. Either they can’t/don’t want to be exposed to the public- OR they’ve tested positive for the virus and don’t want to expose the public. You should probably take the option off of your website if you’re not going to actually honor it.

A Yell

The worst service I have ever had and it was at the bar. The bar tender Erikah was so involved with one couple at the bar she had no time for anyone else. It took 15 minutes to be asked if we wanted anything to drink. The only reason she asked was because we flagged her down for a menu. We weren't sitting in the bar area we were actually in her face at the bar. Also there appeared to be no management or anyone else at the restaurant who gave two cents about customer service. No one even greeted us upon entering the restaurant such as a hostess. The pizza was good. I would not recommend this place nor would I return.


Always amazing food! They have it where you can consider dietary restrictions to some degree. Very welcoming atmosphere. Only suggestion I'd say is if you wanna go be aware that they take a while to bring out the food. Most times I have visited it takes 30-45+ minutes for our food once we ordered it. Personally it's worth the wait but others may not feel that way.

Cecilia K.

We had great service and amazing food as always! Love the hippie chill atmosphere too. This time around my mom and I ordered a large Greek salad to split with blue cheese which was so delicious. I loved the black olives on it. We also had the small order of pretzels (3) with mustard and beer cheese which were really good. And then lastly we had the white pizza and the kosmic pizza with chicken added to it. In the end I couldn't even finish more than 1 slice of white because I was so full but I did have a slice of kosmic the next day. It wasn't as good as leftover but I'm sure it would have been great if it was fresh.

Mike Crawford

Mellow Mushroom has always been one of my favorites. This location is adjacent to the Kentucky campus, and appears to be a local favorite. The pizza was good, but not quite up to the usual standards. Although they were not busy, the service was very slow and virtually non-existant.

Christopher Tinsley

Our fifth different Mellow Mushroom. It wasn't busy. The service was quick for a Mellow Mushroom and the pizza was amazing.

Darrius Ellison

Great restaurant amazing staff Great food & awesome ownership

Mike Skirha

Delicious chicken wings! Wow! They were delicious. We also had the Mighty Meat pizza which was also good.

Brian Lewis

Fun place with witty signage. We like many items on the menu. Only reason for 4 stars instead of 5 was they did not start all of the order, so we had to wait for the last item (pretzel bites) to be finished.

Colonel Fields

Reliable dining experience, excellent atmosphere and food. Great flavor and best veg. Options for Itallian food in town. Vegetarian and vegan options readily available.

owl 88

Delicious food, great service and a fun atmosphere. Definitely a must for pizza lovers. There are classic and specialty pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, salads, apps, desserts and more. Great vegetarian or vegan options too.

82.37 kyo

yummy pizzas but sometimes they were too busy and made mistakes on orders. new staffs lack of training obviously. sometimes their mushrooms pizza only had a few mushroom slices.

Martha Zaragoza

TERRIBLE SERVICE!!!! We were seated at a table near the bar, waited 5-10 mins before we decided to asked the bar tender if we were supposed to order at the front. The bar tender very rudely responded with, “I guess I will”. We asked about the drink menu and she cut us off telling us to look at the QR code. The server took our order, came back with our drinks except for a beer. We waited another 10mins before she came back to our table and said she was so busy she forgot about the beer. At which point we just decided to forget about the beer. She did offer to pay for the beer but at that point we just wanted our food, and to leave. The bartender then went back to the bar and started talking about our table to some customers at the bar, saying we were “tripping” and hand gesturing toward us. At that point we had been there about 40mins and felt extremely uncomfortable. I decided to go talk to the manager who basically just said he would address it later. We left with no pizza and a horrible experience.

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