Nate's Coffee

125 Cheapside, Lexington
(859) 469-8004

Recent Reviews

Craig Leaphart

This is my morning coffee stop when I travel to Lexington for work. Staff is always friendly, they are in a great location, and the coffee is amazing. Thank you Nate’s!

josh smith

Great coffee and the owner is knowledgeable and cares about the coffee they serve

tom morris

Service and coffee excellent.

Anna Saunders

Great coffee downtown. Hard to find parking but worth it since I was on the hunt for organic coffee.

Rachel Ezell

Love this place, great coffee & service

Stacy R.

It's coffee! Can't go wrong with coffee, I don't think anyways. They have good specials, price is complacent to Starbucks. A bit pricey, but coffee is like Gold in my opinion. I'm giving them 3/5 stars because when my 3 year old and I were at the Farmers Market and I wanted to coffee and my 3 year old needed to pee (she holds it till last minute) they wouldn't let her use the bathroom. Covid...I get it...but not when it comes to kids. Im the Store Manager of a Store and we never turned down a pregnant women or a child. We just cleaned and sanitized after. Anyways, that really pissed me off and I swore not to go there again. Coffee was good though.

Todd E.

Good coffee. I usually buy bags of coffee and they have been good. Unfortunately will try other places for bulk coffee. They now don't want to follow CDC and Kentucky State and still mandate masks or you aren't even allowed in to shop. I'll move along. Not going to patronize places that want to continue to require masks even though all mandates are lifted. I'll take my business elsewhere.

Annie Smith

Good coffee and friendly people!

philip sallee

Some of the best coffee in Lexington! Check the roast date, you cant find any coffee as fresh as Nates in the Lexington area, it truly makes a big difference.

Sydney M.

Another cute little coffee spot that I got to check out! Unfortunately no indoor seating (when I was there at least). I will say this, I drink a LOT of vanilla lattes and I still remember this one being so good from over a month ago when I stopped in. I also love the fact that they have this tiny (10 oz?) latte option. Sometimes you just need a little pick-me-up and this was just the perfect size for me that morning!

Michelle B.

Shop is very nice with great staff and was a perfect place to stop and grab a coffee to go before wandering around the Farmer's Market (pre-COVID). Their local delivery for packaged coffee is great - always delivers SO quick after ordering.

Matt Gunnell

Very friendly. Shop is closed to dine in however the lobby area was plenty big to wait for your order. Everything bagel was likely the best I’ve ever had! Coffee good too!

Ashley Knasel

My husband and I are from the Cincinnati area, but we stayed a night in Lexington at the 21C for the heck of it before taking a vacation to Red River Gorge for a few days last week. This coffee shop is a very short walk from that hotel, and we try to go to local shops where we can, so it was kind of a no-brainer to try this place for an afternoon coffee when we got to town. We liked it and the staff so much we actually went back the next morning...admittedly after I tried to find a Starbucks to finish off a gift card I had, but most of those around downtown are apparently closed during the week. I had no regrets about coming here twice though; the coffee is fantastic. I had a mocha latte the first time and tried their pumpkin pie latte the following morning and both were amazing.And honestly, this place has better prices than Starbucks too lol.If we visit Lexington again, especially if we stay at the 21C again, this is going to be a morning habit for us.

Kristin Six

Local coffee roaster offering a one-way ticket to Yumsville

Josh Bly

Great coffee and friendly staff

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