Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

544 S Upper St, Lexington
(859) 455-3353

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Vincent Z

I love canes. One of the best chicken fingers I had! BUT, their quality fluctuate a lot. Sometime the chicken tender is big and juicy, sometime they’re tiny and dry.

Naomi Bruins

I always love going to Canes as they are fast, friendly, and easy going. Cane's always has good chicken and of course their Cane sauce.

Ron Duncan

Great staff and Great Food! Justin and his team really know how to take care of their customers! If you're ever craving canes, be sure to go! I recommend the Box Combo!

Angelique Light

I always love eating here. Solid chicken and quality service. No complaints.

C. Michael Fisher

Solid, fast, comfort food. Still not open for sit-down eating. But, a tasty venture nonetheless.

Ky W.

My food was NOT correct, my experience WAS! I went to Canes just 25 minutes prior to me typing this review. There were several items on my order that were messed up by accident from the person(s) at the window and/or in the kitchen. They left out the the additional condiments I specifically asked for, they failed to substitute my coleslaw for another toast (I got neither), and they somehow managed to give me a medium beverage with what seemed to be extra ice when my receipt shows that I asked for a large beverage with LITE ice. I called the store back... not to complain necessarily(because these things do happen with young children working fast food), but to inform in order to help improve order accuracy with the workers because an accident like this almost never happens at this establishment. I was fortunate enough to speak with their manager, Steven. He was VERY informative and attentive and made it his duty to make things right by me! I was very impressed by his ability to manage his store and to take corrective action the way he did! Food is easily replaceable. Ones personal experience is not. I will continue to eat here in the future!

widow maker

I went with my family and the customer service was great and when our food arrived it was fresh. The chicken tenders were super fresh and crispy, the fries were done perfectly and the lemonade wasn't too tart. The fries and chicken remained fresh hours later. I 10/10 would recommend.????

Linda H.

Love their chicken. Very moist, great flavor. Fast service. Much better than the other 3 chicken places in town.

Jason Strain

The food was really good. Much better than places like Zaxby's. The service friendliness could be a bit better.

Shonda C.

Stopped by this location to get a 3 piece for my aunt. Food was hot and ready and served with extra cane sauce (available upon request). The food smelled amazing and don't even eat chicken. The combo came with a drink. Got her the sweet tea. My aunt loved it.

Lee Jones

I got mt order and the two drinks was in a drink holder and they must have overfill the drinks or didn't close the hids all the way but the drink holder got wet and the drinks fell thur got all over my car and call the store and Manger said sorry ill let them know to watch out for that I guess he didn't care bc I was picking up a doordash order


The food here is so good! The cashier was super sweet and was very patient with me, since it was my first time trying Raising Cane's. 10/10 Would eat again!

Kevin Feeney

Very good chix why why not fine in?


This was my 1st visit to a Raising Cane's and I really enjoyed it! I wish we had them in my town. Food was hot and fresh!

Stardust Li

The takeout box burned by the high temperature chicken.Better to put a parchment under the just out of oil chicken.

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

544 S Upper St, Lexington, KY 40508
(859) 455-3353