Smithtown Seafood

501 W 6th St, Lexington
(859) 303-4100

Recent Reviews

Shari Ponder

We got the Buffalo catfish bites as an appetizer, they were excellent! Fresh and cooked just right! I got the fish taco (pretty good), and the salad they had on special that day, it was alright. Hubby got the fried oysters with remoulade sauce it was good and he loved them. The fries he got with it were also very good.

John Estes

This place is a treasure. There shouldn't be one negative review of this place. I've been going there for years and quality is the same every time. If you don't like the food, the problem is you. I could eat their shrimp and grits for every meal. Thank you.

robert jenkins

Next to Westsixth brewery. Good seafood menu casual atmosphere. Not a lot of in-house seating but the brewery has all the seating you need.

Bill Banta

Smithtown Seafood is a great change up to the indoor or outdoor dining experience. The Poboys are huge and very nicely dressed with fresh produce and tasty pickles. And the sauce drizzled over the top wakes up the taste buds nicely. Me and my family will definitely add this to our list of ‘eat out night’ “go to” places.

Yasuhiko NISHI

Fish and Chips is so good with beer!

Steve Wright

I ordered the catfish. Wife ordered the shrimp. We got the fired banana peppers which was the best. The food tastes like it was all cooked in old oil and overcooked at that. I dont have plans to return

Michelle Antoinette

The menu offers a nice variety of selections and comparable prices. Would definitely recommend.

Jim N.

First visit today, initiated by past reviewers plus photos, which created a craving for shrimp. We had two shrimp baskets. Great shrimp; great fries; nice coleslaw; fast service. I didn't care for the hush puppy; but the shrimp were outstanding.

John Paul Beard

My first time visiting this location.Went for dinner with family. It was moderately busy but not slammed by any means.We gave our table # to the workers when checking out. We waited 40 minutes for two dishes. We observed the couple in front of us in line receive thier food and we still had nothing. We went to ask if anything was holding up our order. They had boxed our food up in to go containers and it was under a lamp for over 20 minutes.They claimed they had talked to us and came to our table to ask if we were the customers who had this order. No one had come by at all and we were sitting at the table second nearest the order area.Only about 8 tables filled while we were there.Very disappointed, will not return due to the service.

Rhonda W.

We did a daytrip to Lexington and stopped hear for early dinner on way home. I had shoulder surgery 2 weeks ago and gave been stuck home. Cold Beer and seafood sounded good. Had our heart set on fried oysters from reading the reviews. Unfortunately they were out of oysters...try it next time. What we got was very good but they made mistakes on both our orders. I was supposed to sub clam chowder for fries with shrimp poboy. But they gave fries and soup and charged extra. The chowder was ok not the best. Potatoes in it werent done enough and it tasted like chicken stock base. Not a huge fry lover but these were very good .. similar to pen station. Shrimp were good. Hubby ordered the blackened catfish platter but they brought a catfish sandwich in stead but we were tired and hungry. It wasnt what we ordered but was good. We grabbed the last table at the connected beer place. Beer went well with the food.

A Mirand

Had the chicken fingers but I'll be back for the shrimp and gritz. Very awesome how they bring your order to wherever you may be at 6th Brewery

Adam Roush

Despite being a slow rainy day my food came out cold. I had ordered the catfish platter (fried) with fries/Cole slaw. The hush puppies were room temp as well as the fries. Catfish was probably near a temp of 120 degrees. Cole slaw was only thing served at correct temp. Flavors were good, but as I was eating the catfish I noticed that a portion of the bloodline was still on the fish. Which resulted in a mouth full of bad floor. A bloodline is a set of nerves along the lateral lines, which is very undesirable. Only being a small portion of bloodline left I managed to eat around it though my appetite was now lost. Again flavors were good so I will definitely try again, let's just hope for a better experience next time.

Holly Ward

I love this place. I have never had an issue and my food is always GREAT! I love the vegan filet o fish and the peanut butter bliss bar. The variety of options means I can enjoy a meal with anyone I know. Thank you to the staff who have worked through the COVID pandemic and managed to provide friendly fast service.

Darla B.

So. We have loved West Sixth Brewing and Smithtown for several years now. Enough that we drive from Dayton, OH at least once or twice a year just to be there. We were there yesterday and had to get the Catfish bites because we always start with that. They were...really not that good. Warm at best, not a lot of hot sauce and not especially good. And still we ordered dinner. I had a fried catfish platter with hush puppies, slaw and fries. The slaw was cold, as it should be. The rest of it was mostly cold too. It was weird, because I'd get a hot bite of fish, followed by warm, then cold. I walked the hush puppies back to them and said they were "old and cold", because they were. We got a new order, and while hot, I thought they were still dry and not as good as they used to be. My partner had an oyster po boy; she said the oysters were ok, but the sauce was a bit much. Her fries were also cold and stuck together, like mine. There was no salt in/on anything and apparently COVID has made salt irrelevant because I seemingly have to beg for salt and pepper wherever we go. Anyway. Most of our dinner, which was somewhere in the neighborhood of $14-15 each, went in the trash. Our love of Smithtown has pretty much been destroyed because of old and cold food. It's been inconsistent the last few visits, but neither of us can make excuses for them anymore. On a happier note, we found a great place today, but that's another review. But now we know we can still swing by West Sixth for a beer and go on down the road for some good food.

Bonnie McAuley Wickizer

Horrible first impression. Walked in & there's no explanation of how to order, where to sit, or anything. Finally caught a server who was delivering food to a table & tried to ask. Was abruptly told to "just scan the code on the card and order from there. Be sure to enter your table number." Okay, sounded easy enough. 20-some minutes later, we gave up & walked out. I don't know if it was a problem with the software or what but the only option we could get by scanning the code

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