Texas Roadhouse

3116 Richmond Rd, Lexington
(859) 268-2507

Recent Reviews

Holly Keiser

Always five stars in my book I love the salads... recently they've been out of horseradish and aju sauce of all things nevertheless still excellent

Wanda Smith

I order from Texas Roadhouse weekly because I love the grilled chicken which iscooked to perfection.Decided to switch it upand ordered beef tips.What a disappointmentThe tips were not only over cooked but too salty to consume. I willorder again but will stick with the chicken.

Karen Wheeler

I got the chicken critter salad from the Richmond road restaurant. The Tx Roadhouse in Richmond Ky adds bacon bits and croutons and that makes the salad perfect. If these are chain restaurants why don't they serve the salads the same way.?

Jiffin Paulose

Great service from Ava! She kept tabs on us and was very friendly! Food was great; the ribs really do fall off the bone! Their new Key lime pie margarita is trouble in a glass, I'm not a fan of margaritas but this one is a great blend of lime and cream without being too sweet or boozy! Not all staff wore masks, so not sure what the policy is here.

Dianna Barkley

Amazing food. My favorite steak house. Service was terrific. Could not have asked for better service. She was great. I love that I can make my reservation online.

Mike B.

Loud, Cold and bad food. Cold, loud and bad food. The meat was seared way too hot and was crunchy. We sent it back and it got worse. The chili was nothing but bean soup and the cheese was just a glob. Waitress didn't care and nobody came and asked why we sent our food back. We should have just gone to a fast food joint. Sad. Too many nice places to eat in Lexington to put up with this. We felt the same way about Charley's, Apple-beys, Chop House, etc. Goodbye.Good bye!

Darth Cookie

Our server Caitlyn was amazing. Thanks for being effortlessly attentive, helpful, friendly, and patient. Best service I've ever had.My Chicken Critter plate was fresh and flawless, and my family loved their ribs and salads, too. The birthday girl got a brownie with ice cream and a song.Thanks for a great lunch!

Chokchai Pinphech

Food was awesome! It came out as I expected. Desiree has done a wonderful job. We will definitely be back for her service and great attitude.

Patrick Boyle

Had lots of fun and had good food. Our server Jack (aka JJ) with a real name of James III, took great care of us. The drinks ? and meal was reasonably priced and there are plenty of menu choices.

Lissa Kolo

I love eating Rolls & Cinnamon butter, Blooming onions w/Ranch, & 3 pan appetizers. I have no room, but, I order ribs w/loaded mash and a Ceasar salad. I love Texas Roadhouse!

ToadandLana Lykins

Best food ever. Never disappoints!

Mary Ann Pratt

Perfectly cooked Prime Rib, awesome waiter Jason, quick and friendly staff! So happy with the new location.

Jayson Fuller

Fantastic service and even better steak. The prime rib made my mouth overload with flavor! Pure food joy. Thank you! Remember to go early to ensure you get your share of the prime rib!

Greg Davidson

Beautiful place to eat! One of the best on Earth! Hard to beat the service and the food! My dinner was amazing! Truly blessed by the experience with good folks who know how to listen to God obey God's Commandments to love one another. I seen the Beautiful Love in the hearts of men of God working to help the next man teaching him to love himself so he can love each and every soul on earth. Angels protect us.

Don Thornsberry

Always great food and friendly staff!!! Just all around good time and always worth the wait!!!

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