Juicy seafood

1217 Lafayette St, Houma
(985) 746-5338

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Vivian Use Knapp

This worse seafood place i ever eaten.The crabs were not legal.The corn and the sausage taste nasty.I will never buy seafood from them.


I called 8 times from 9:02-9:17 and their phone said the messages were full. I came to the Lafayette location waited in line from 9:28-9:36 because the messed up a customer’s ticket and over charged them. There were 4 girls standing there and only one young lady who was waiting on a table came up to me to ask if I needed help when I walked in the door. The other 3 girls were all trying to correct the one ticket. Then when I asked about making a to-go order, the girl looked at the time and said they only have 20 minutes to closing so no she could not take my order when in fact when I got there I had 30minutes until closing. I called again as I walked out the door and guess what I didn’t hear a phone ring at all which means it was probably taken off the hook at 9pm. This is terrible customer service.

Gerald Morel

Great place ill aways go back

Crystal Ledet

Juicy Seafood plus a Cajun ya get The Best!!!

Joshua Foret

Absolutely amazing. Best boiled seafood around in my opinion!

Jeanette Sims

The only place I want any seafood from

Angela Maronge

Nice and clean great place ???????????????? o

Sherry Naquin

AWESOME people and AMAZING food

Lakisha Fusilier

No favor...they was so bad tasting


Waitress: took her a while to take our drink order. Then another 10-15 minutes to take appetizer order. Then another 10-15 minutes for meal order. The time passed because we were catching on, but still noticed the big time between getting drinks and food. She as nice, but not really prompt. Food: I ordered grilled fish and shrimp. The shrimp were great, seasoned well and cooked just right. The fish looked like 2 flatten pieces of nothing. It had a funny taste and it was baked so long the edges and about 1/2 inch from the edge of crispiness. It was probably pan fried then baked. I did not like it. The broccoli was great (I love vegetables though). The fried rice was good. I loved the different vegetables instead of the normal peas and carrots. I'd probably not return. If I did, I wouldn't get the grilled shrimp and fish again only because of the fish. Atmosphere was great. It was lunch time on a Saturday, and it was not busy at all, so I don't know why it was such a delay on food/drinks. Either way we had a great time chatting and catching up for lunch. Also, there is no lunch menu on the weekends. $27 for one person.


Positives: the waitress Ashley was great. We were 10 ppl & for the most part she took care of us. It was lunch time & so not very busy. She could’ve been a tad more attentive. The place is very clean, bathrooms clean. Kid friendly w/kid menu. There are lunch specials which are reasonably priced. Negatives: they add gratuity to bill if over 6 ppl. Which I do understand I suppose. Other than lunch specials & kid meals, prices are high. But the big thing is the food is awful. It’s like frozen foods you buy in the freezer section of the grocery store & cook or heat up. The onion rings are not homemade. Fat & thickly breaded. I’ve had better from Sonic! The fried shrimp are nice sized, but again not good. Not seasoned much. Thickly breaded. Like frozen ones you buy & fry yourself. The chicken tenders are the same as the fried shrimp. The boiled shrimp are not seasoned well or much...eventho we ordered spicy. All the dips are pretty bad. The hush puppies, cole slaw, & fries were ok. Definitely not worth the prices. My bill for two ppl was $38 and we drank water. I’ve had much better at other places. Much better. I won’t go there again.

Eugene White

Seafood is awesome and it has a nice spice to but not to powerful and the owners are very nice I love it


met some friends for a holiday get together. split the feast for 4 and added some more crab legs, fries and hush puppies. Yummy. Waitress was very good and food delicous.

Ashley Dupre

Awesome boiled seafood


I have eaten here a couple of times for lunch and their seafood gumbo is indeed tasty with a hint of spice. Paired that with a small shrimp salad and the portions were more than I could eat in one seating.

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