735 Grand Caillou Rd, Houma
(985) 872-0863

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Miranda Nicole

worse service I've ever had waited 25 mins for an online order place 15 mins before arriving, never again

Blake Bonvillian

Biscuits were burnt, no gravy on the mash,and chicken was cold.

Victoria C.

Worst Popeyes ever. The line was ridiculously long and not moving. They gave us scraps of chicken and forgot our side too. Do not come here.

Sharie Parfait

The service was HORRIBLE!!! The person that took my order was VERY RUDE and she made me repeat my order NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE BUT THREE TIMES!!! If you do not like your job, then maybe you should find another one!!!

Matthew B.

I ordered while in the Popeyes parking lot via the Popeyes app and completed my online order at 9:09pm. I notified the drive-thru of my name and online order at 9:15pm. I did not receive my (wrong) order until 9:49pm! The (wrong) order did not start to get made until I reached the cashier window. I was told to pull up so my (wrong) order could be brought out to my car. A nice, young female employee notified me at 9:30pm that wings were not available tonight and that spicy chicken would take an additional 15 minutes. I asked her to bring out mild chicken without a wing if that was quicker. She apologized and asked me to wait and pull up further so another car could wait behind me. It wasn't until almost 20 minutes later that I finally received my (wrong) order. Again she apologized while bringing me the (wrong) order to my car.
It was an unacceptable wait time to receive my (wrong) order. How does Popeyes plan to prevent this from occurring again?

Chase Boquet


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