Taqueria Jalisco

6068, 1050 Grand Caillou Rd, Houma
(985) 262-0374

Recent Reviews

Melissa B.

Two because guy was helpful. He sent us to another restaurant that was bad. We didn't get to try this food

Iraima Calidonio

(Translated by Google) The waitress is overly confident with the men, she takes care of them very well, but the women at all! and he does not care that men have women!(Original)La mesera se pasa de confianza con los hombres, a ellos los atiende muy bien, pero a las mujeres para nada! y no le importa q los hombres tengan mujer!

benny williams sr.

Don't know her

Saul Morales

(Translated by Google) Tasty food and good attention(Original)Sabrosa comida y buena atención

Marn Sandra

(Translated by Google) For lovers of Latin food, very good service ?(Original)Para los amantes a la comida latina muy buen servicio ?

Nick Wheeler

Very good food. Great service.

Melvin Barrera

(Translated by Google) I like(Original)M gusta

Sandra Olivier

Good deal. Stop in for refreshments

dinora beatriz Melendez Rivera

(Translated by Google) The food is very. Delicious....(Original)La comida está muy. Rica....

Danny Y.

As soon as you walk inside you want to leave. The decor and ambiance need lots of work. When I went, the cashier only spoke Spanish. Got a variety of tacos all of which were good but nothing worth coming back again for.

Del Gado

What a great gem. Stop by to get gas right across the street then I saw the Taco place. Went in to check it out. Ended up ordering 8 tacos. 4 to start and then four more. They were amazing. Small street hand made tortillas and the salsa was on point. Just be patient ordering there is a language barrier. Other was nice like hidden taco gem.

Harry B.

I was surprised at the deliciousness of the tacos. The women there do not speak English, so it requires some patience to communicate, but they are patient as well, and make some good food.

Thomas J.

Absolutely the filthiest restaurant I have been to in a very very long time. Dirty paper towels on the unswept and washed floor. Exposed cold meat on a trompo in the hallway to the stinky dirty bathroom. After seeing that I wondered if my tacos pastor came from it.... the pastor was nothing more than burnt meat with god knows what for seasoning. 12 noon and not a single other customer on a Friday I'm a world traveler and should have known better

Alte Nijhuis

Local small Mexican restaurant. Fine, but basic.

Andres elias

First of all the place has no air conditioning, second the food is expensive for what I'm getting and lastly the place is filled flies, moths,etc. I would not recommend this place to any of y'all please don't come here.

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