1118 Lowe-Grout Rd, Iowa
(337) 582-3719

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Mahmoud Almasri

My favorite fast food ever the super star mmm amazing


The establishment was clean and the staff was very friendly. The food tasted good and and it gave us the extra pep we needed to continue our journey On our way to our vacation destination. It is connected to a gas station And that's the only restroom available is to walk from the Hardy's To use that restroom. And it was not that bad but aside from the usual pee stains on the toilet seat It was well maintained and I saw the staff constantly mopping and cleaning the area and putting up caution wet signs For safety of the customers. And most importantly I forgot to mention earlier the food came out fairly quickly and fresh. God-bless and save travels.

Dani Herndon

Food is okay. Not my favorite burger place, but it's definitely not horrible. Staff seemed to be doing the best they could, but front counter definitely needs more than one employee. Our order was 100% correct (always important when you have a picky eater).

Susie Vargas

I dont have any pictures bc we've eaten everything we ordered, kinda feel bad cause the food looked and smelled amazing. Tasted like all the ingredients were freshly cut and picked. I think the pickles was a bit too strong for all the soft tastes I got from the tomato, lettuce, onion, meat and bun. I live an hour and a half away from the nearest Hardee's, but would make any excuse to stop by if I had any business nearby. If my sister in law needs someone to pick her up, ill do it but we stopping at Hardee's!

Meir Alfasi

O have ordered the BBQ Chicken sandwich without bacon and cheese ,the chicken was OK however the Bun didn't even taste like bread or looked Iike bread and it wasYellow , I can't believe people eat that .And you wonder why people are are sick and fat ??

Cindy Johns

The go to place when it's late at night.You gota check out the store.. they have so much and even fresh fruit 24/7.. Gota Love.. Love's Truck stop with Hardee's on the side..

the freestylers

The food was honestly terrible. Tiny burger patties in comparison to the buns. On the burger we asked for with nothing on it came slathered with onions. The only good thing was my lettuce. High quality lettuce.

Ruthann Jacklin

Friendly, quick service. Great food

John Burgin

Best sausage biscuits (IMHO) anywhere. Not many Hardee's in Southern LA. Get 'em where you can.

Felicity Henry

The people are pretty decent they're very respectful and it's always clean

Art Cummings,Jr

Had the Frisco breakfast sandwich combo and it was really good. I'll be back.

UnCommon Scentz

Burger was fresh as well as the veggies. Fries left a little bit to be desired.

kelleigh taylor

we placed our order in the drive thru. the fries were cold. we went back thru the drive thru the hooked us up double. fresh and hot

Kiara Pullins

I went to this location on April 17, 2021 between 12-1 AM. I ordered a Original Thickburger and I told the lady at the register I wanted Mayo, lettuce, and onions only. The lady repeatedly cut me off asking how I wanted my burger made after I told her how. I still received a burger with cheese, tomatoes, and pickles. This absolutely ruined my experience and the night staff needs to pay more attention to detail. They also need to clean the lobby, there was trash and flies everywhere. This is the only 24 hour restaurant in the area but best believe I would rather starve and wait for McDonald’s to open up.


It was good I liked the food and the fact that they had cherry coke was awesome my only complaint was the seat

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