O'Charley’s Restaurant & Bar

1780 W Prien Lake Rd, Lake Charles
(337) 478-9927

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Trey Cain

Took my family out to Charlie’s for my dad’s 64th birthday we didn’t wait long we’re table for seven we never get service anywhere we go so we expected the same all same all we ended up with a server name Terald And I was immediately relieved and excited because he has waited on me several times as a bartender in another restaurant he is prompt precise respectful and knows every aspect of what he’s doing. When O’Charleys hired him you hit a home run . If all your servers did what he does you have the best restaurant in town .

Bernadette Vincent

I had the best dining experience at o’Charley’s! Terald S was the best server! After a day of travel and fatigue from Northern California, just good hot meals with a smile (his eyes since he wore his masks), was all I needed. GM Thomas even got in on helping us to celebrate my sister’s birthday. Her plane from Denver was delayed but we had not seen her for nearly 2 years due to COVID!

Monika Morg

Horrible experience eating at O’Charley’s this afternoon . Took forever to get it. When they did bring food, the steaks where over done . Very rude people. We will start going to Texas Roadhouse .

Ashley Coleman

From the 30 minute wait you would really expect some awesome food and service...I was WRONG.I should have known something was up when the table was sticky, but I somewhat understood. I've worked the service industry. Queso was too salty, Margarita SUCKED, thats why it was so cheap. I should have left when we saw the server vaping in the kitchen and the staff dropping food on the floor. They did throw it out though BUT WHEN MY FOOD had gnats or mosquitoes cooked in it that was the last straw... never again. Not even as a restroom stop.

Sabrina Williams

As I currently sit and wait for my food which has already taken 45 mins....I'm not happy with eating here anymore. I use to come here every week and the service was GREAT but I see a big change in this place and I just want things back to the way they use to be also the women's restroom is disgusting???

Troy Mahan

Pretty decent food, but not up to other local high end restaurants; great for a quick meal, Bar service was great. The menu has changed since covid shenanigans.

Paula C

This was our first time to this restaurant and it was good. Our favorites were the bread (yum), the cheese wedges and the chicken tenders. We can not recommend the steak (it was over cooked without much flavor), but it’s not a steak house! Our waiter, Alijah was efficient and kind. In this time of COVID, it’s nice to have someone who is attentive. We will be back!

Scott Lounsberry

Really like Kanisha. Great margaritas and great service. Highly recommend going to O'Charleys and asking for her section.


We tried O'Charley's at this location last year and my son and I really like the seafood combo platter, so we decided to try them again on our first night in Lake Charles. On this visit, we ordered online for pick-up and upon arrival at the suggested time, we had to wait an additional 12 minutes past the expected time. The food, however, was excellent. My son had the seafood platter again and he was very pleased again. On this visit, I decided to try their Southern Fried Chicken Finger Salad. They tout their chicken fingers as "famous" and after tasting them, I understand why they are well-liked. These buttermilk, double hand-breaded chicken strips are delicious! They are cut into bite size pieces for their salads. This is one of the best salads that I've had in a while! My husband also liked his grilled tilapia. When in town, we will definitely be back!


So good to see that some restaurants are using Covid or hurricane Laura as excuses and continues to serve in strives to meet community expectations! Fried cheese triangles just as amazing as ever, staff so friendly, food and temperature spot on!

Letha Wooldridge

Do not order online for delivery!!!!! It's terrible when our food arrived my pasta dish looked like it had been dropped I paid extra for a salad and desert and I got neither one of them we ordered a piece of Apple pie and got maybe a 1/4 of a piece of pie paid extra for 2 loaded baked potatoes and got the toppings for one. I call up there as soon as it was delivered took almost 20 minutes for a manager to take the phone call and then he ask if I want to come and get what we were shorted if I wanted to do that I wouldn't have ordered delivery so I told him just to refund the money and he tells me it will be 5 to 7 days before money will be back on my card and yes I know that's the ordinary but when you spend 75.00 on dinner the least they can do is get it right. DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL

Kristina F

Wish I could have given 5 stars but the woman at the front desk was rude and lazy. Sat us down at a dirty table and then got attitude when we asked if they could clean it. The whole place itself needed a good cleaning. Sitting at a booth next to a wall covered in hopefully food. Our waiter was great, he was friendly and happy. The food was delicious and was quick.

Tri D.

My friend and I came to Lake Charles for a one night stay & decided to come here & have a couple of drinks/appetizers. I wasn't hungry so I ordered their loaded potato skins & for my drinks I got a Jack & coke & a margarita. So the potato skins were pretty good, generous amount of bacon & it came out fresh. My Jack & coke was bad; It was watered down & flat and they barely put any Jack in my drink. It's not hard making that drink, heck even I can make it & I'm not a bartender. The margarita on the other hand was strong & gave me a tiny buzz so at least they made one drink correctly. Our server was alright, she was more attentive to her other guest & trying to get his number. I'm not knocking her game & I hope she got them dights lol. Overall it was a decent experience I'll come back if I'm around the area.

Gizem P.

Food is good just a bit too much salty.Lori served us and she was amazing. Friendly, cute.. we are leaving happily from this place.


Just really wasn't impressed. Ordered a steak, just something about it wasn't quite right so I didn't eat it. The baked potato you can tell had been cooked for a while, it wad hardened back up

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