Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4110 Ryan St, Lake Charles
(337) 478-8828

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Sam Boudreaux

This is the one on Ryan street; great service, they make doubles lanes for drive thru during lunch rush and they get it done quick. I've never had an order wrong from here either, even during rush hour.

Trudy Born

Delicious as always! Love their coleslaw. And the Texas toast is so soft and fresh.

Linda M.

Just brought my daughter to McNeese. Never heard of this franchise before. There was a long line and we gave our order to the girl outside. When we got our food in the car the drink order was wrong We stayed at the window until the girl came back and told her the drinks were wrong No big deal right? Not to her. She went ballistic demanding my first name and my receipt. Inside she was ranting about the order that showed on the screens and the receipt. Just take the wrong drink and give me what I ordered. Nope. The manager sticks his head out the window and asks what is wrong. Meanwhile this girl is in the back in a very loud voice mocking me for asking for the drink I ordered. The manager said to me "It's no big deal we can change the drink". First of all the only person who made it a big deal was the employee ( who was still ranting) Never ever had an experience like this and getting an order wrong is not uncommon First visit, terrible first impression Don't know if I will come back when I am in town


Good food and do not let the simplicity of the menu options fool you. When it comes to fast food chicken it is some of the best (don't forget the sauce too). The amount of people they can push through this place can be amazing at times. Even if the line is out to Ryan St. itself you won't be there for long before you are up to the window. The minus one star is because when they are off it seems to go on for a while. I have gotten several back to back orders that were incorrect. This ranged from from missing an item to being given the wrong order entirely. I want to say though that this was exceedly rare when it did happen but like I said when the crew (mainly nights) was off it seems to go on a for a few weeks.

Ashik Luitel

Please have some employees who know how to speak. And have people who do not get agitated easy because of a big order!

C Anderson

I've been a frequent customer and I am generally pleased with the service and food quality. But this time I got home and opened my takeout container and found that I was given the wrong order. Not only was it wrong but it was less than what I paid for. I certainly hope this is an isolated incident.


First time eating here. Chicken Fingers were small and looked nothing like the chicken fingers on the menu or website. Not worth the price!Update: Received email to call corporate number spoke to a person. I gave my contact info. He said I would hear from someone soon. I haven't heard anything. ? changing to 1 star

Denise Bowman

We were finally able to dine in. The staff was great, the food was fresh and amazing!

Paul Myers

Never been to a bad one yet. Very consistent and very good.

Tiffany Ann Ramirez

hospitality was bad A$$ best I've ever seen thank ya'll for my first time experience was very much appreciated thanks girls ☆☆☆☆☆

Michelle-Holifield Mejorado

Husband was so excited about this place he hadn't eaten at a Raising Cane's he said in two years. On that note it was the worst chicken in the world oh my God! It was dry dry all you can get at their restaurant is chicken fingers I like chicken fingers as long as they're not dry unfortunately they were very heavily battered, and the line was all the way down the street for this place ??? Lemme just say that these people need a Golden Chick.

Cheryl Thomason

Today was the first time I could get in line without it being wrapped around the block.Ordered tenders only. Still best tenders I've ate.

Bonnie Nicole

Love Caine's chicken !! The line was short and the moved quickly however my strips were about 1/2 the normal size .... What happened ?? They were still delicious though :)

Norma Mancuso

A++++Always the best chicken in town and the cane sauce yumm!!!

Hunter C.

Great food and served fresh. It was the usual great experience here although the serving size at this Cane's was very small with each chicken finger being about half the size as usual.

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Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers

4110 Ryan St, Lake Charles, LA 70605
(337) 478-8828