Sonic Drive-In

3630 Gerstner Memorial Dr, Lake Charles
(337) 479-2111

Recent Reviews

Reagan Martin

Usually this location is on point with food and service but today a clear hot Saturday mid morning in August, this is what a #9 chicken slinger combo was giving. At this point it isn’t even chicken it’s more like cardboard. I don’t understand why the workers who put the sandwich together don’t have enough integrity to say, “I’m not gonna serve this”.. of course I didn’t drive ALL the way back to get a refund or another sandwich because that’s my own energy and time wasted.. anyway. Do better geez

Sarah Finley

The carhop Her name is Hannah she is super sweet and amazing just wanted her to know, because it's hard to come by people these days that actually care about others.... she an amazing young woman and I hope she is my carhop every time I go to this sonic..... thanks Hannah

Zina Hall

Red White Blue is really goodFloat.Check it outBefore stop

Jenna Foreman

Always a pleasure. I go here almost every day on my lunch break and order food or at least a drink(half price) through the app. Even with all of my customizations, I've never had any issues. Everyone here is super friendly and the service is quick, even during their busy hours. This is my favorite Sonic in Lake Charles.

E.h. Mouton (Deanie)

Can't go wrong with 1/2 price drinks

Pauline Jefferson

Always enjoy the food & service! Awesome ?

T.j Langley

The car hops is always really nice and worth keeping I love the cheese coneys they're awesome with the route 44 trailer made

Shannon Doucet

Love the food and they are quick with their service

Hayley Nugent

Lil man and our family love it ! ?

Missy Vige

Freat friendly service. Fast friendly and love happy hour.

Sarah Dollens

Sonic is always a good choice, ? ?cherry limeade with extra ? and extra pump of cherry ? flovor. Sooooo good!!

audiel lugo

When you going for fast food that's is sonic's fast and easy, great hamburger ?,great burrito ??? nice place

Steve Garcia

Horrible Customer service! Unfriendly rude rude rude not helpful arrogant management will not describe anything if you need clarification to the menu items. Ask and get a response like its some problem. Whats surprising is on this visit i was treated with so much attitude i asked to speak with a manager and guess what Blake had the audacity to tell me that she was the manager I was pretty shocked that the leadership here is so lacking and rude. I couldn't believe it and asked for her manager and she wouldn't give it to me and basically argued with me about it back and forth and after enough time finally told me that I could get it off my receipt if I wanted it that bad. I hate coming here knowing I will be treated with such disrespect.

Erza N

Great location. I stop by to get Strawberry Slush often and the people here are always nice. They make good food and fruit slushes too

Adam Fields

Super busy, but even while getting slammed they were extremely fast, nice and accurate. Keep up the good work!

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