125 W McNeese St, Lake Charles
(337) 474-1302

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Sarah Bean

By far my favorite subway in town. I used to come here nearly everyday pregnant. The staffs always so kind and listens to you what you need. People like my hubby can be picky (not rude tho) and they do it without complaint or even a annoyed look on their face. I’m a bit of a subway freak and these guys are the best. The place is also always clean!!!

Kamea Comeaux

Totally ignored the order. Wanted a BLT, got some different types on meat on my sandwich. Just disappointed. Wasn’t asked about substitutions either.

misti gaspard

Subway 125 W. Mcneese street is by far the best Subway in town next is 4530 Nelson rd then 4448 lake street also the one on country club rd by Albertson's

Amy Clare Baker

Years later I still agree with my old review ... Usually get lunch here once weekly. Friendly service. Always clean and usually pretty quickly served. Fresh tasty sandwich toppings. My fav is the turkey bacon guacamole wrap with spinach ... Can't wait till they open back up (post hurricanes).


I've gone there twice and both times they were really friendly and quick

Tanner Serio

Only been to this location twice, but both of my experiences were very pleasing. Staff was very friendly, promt to offer us service, and knowledge was process was very good. I know of multiple occasions that I've payed for double meat and not gotten it. All ingredients were fresh as well. Overall A+ from me.

Carol DeRouen

I will never visit this place again! The employees are rude, too busy having their own discussions between themselves, and having discussions with some friends that are in the store, to wait on the customer. And when they finally do, they really don't listen to you, and while checking out, they charge you more than what it should be, and were cussing in front of my 10 year old granddaughter! Even the f-bomb! I hope the managers take note and clean house, and get employees that are more responsible and have a little pride in their work!

henry buck

This place was ok service was slow they only had 2 people working 1 making sandwiches and the other on the register. Both were friendly and respectful, no military discount how sad.

Blake Donahue

This Subway has some of the most solid staff for fast food restaurant. The service is always excellent, the staff are always courteous and more than willing to share their joy with you.

Lake Charles Connoisseur

Bums approach to beg for money on our way into the location at times. The store is sometimes really warm. We are often told that they are out of ingredients. One sandwich artist is really rude and is not well trained. She also insisted on charging us extra for guacamole on the Sweet and Sour Steak and GUACAMOLE wrap. Seems like it would have the guacamole added into the price if it is in the name. I will say that their soda machine pumps out soda well and their tea tastes good. The sandwiches are fresh and taste fine after you get over their not containing the components desired.

Debbie Self

Always great! Friendly people!

Charlie Cowart

Best subway in town

classic videos jay bllogs

Workers were very slow

Mikey G

Always get good service. Food is always fresh.

Kara marie fuselier

easy fast and great clean subway my go to for sandwich in hurry!!

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