Izzo's Illegal Burrito - Metairie

4316 Veterans Memorial Blvd a, Metairie
(504) 889-5505

Recent Reviews

Terry Doucet

It was Okay! What I really wanted was a grilled shrimp salad which they were out of the grilled shrimp. Bomber!

Adrian Scriber

The food is good for the price. Customer service is good as well. They get really busy during rush hour with take out orders. It is probably quicker to order online through their app if you don't like waiting in line.

Best Miella

The food is delicious, don't get me wrong. The issue is the customer service. If you want to order for pickup then forget about it. They will prioritize people who walk in. If you're in a rush, don't come here. They seem to be understaffed and if there's just 4 other customers it gets very slow and they will ignore you for a while. Just go to Chipotle if they're busy.

Divine T

I’m used to getting horrible customer service because of the fact that I’m black but to have not one not two but three people walk right past the counter and not say a word to me is terrible. then the fourth person that walk by had a attitude while taking my order. If you don’t want to do your job don’t come to work or better yet get a new job!

Forrest Bridges III

I really enjoyed this spot for my first time. The food was awesome!

RJ Gordon

If you are looking for a good deal on Mexican food to feed the whole family this is the place to go. For under 45$ you can buy a bunch of good food. The portion size is above average and the customer service is always good.

Dominick Maone

Always really good. Street taco combo is an excellent deal.

David Askew

Solid food, good service. I would definitely go again.

David McDonald

The employee treated me really great I would recommend this place

Tracy Walters

I was only picking up a uber eats order for a customer but it was smelling good ??

Ashley Greenwood

Ordered Uber eats because I didn’t feel like cooking and food came on time and is delicious ?as always! Forgot to get a cookie ??‍♀️ their cookies are so delicious so I’m sad now lol always a great experience when we get izzos and everything comes exactly how we ask for it.

Sissy Loisel

You guys stay rollin busy busy busy but always quik.Thank you for your friendly service and always being on point .See you all again real soon.

Christy Mccullough (ineedbout3fitty)

Great service, very clean. Staff were very helpful.

Candy Reff

Excellent Service, Very Fresh Food, With A Caring Staff A+, The Serving Is Satisfying

Alex Louque

One of the wife and i's favorite fast food restaurants. Extremely fast services & even better food

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