Pacos Tacos of Metairie

4726 Veterans Memorial Blvd, Metairie
(985) 317-3415

Recent Reviews

Kevin Lentz

Outstanding. Lovely woman behind the counter was super helpful. Ribeye was charred perfectly. Salsa bar had 6 different homemade salsas plus condiments like radishes,cucumbers,and peppers. Plus they had it out in a jiffy.

Charles Glisan

If I could rate this a 6 out of 5, I would. First time trying birria tacos, so I have no prior frame of reference, but these were fantastic. Highly recommended.

Laura Nguyen

Omg.... The only place I can get tacos like this is either in Mexico or in some parts of Texas. These are called Rock Taco at this place and it come with 3 with a cup au jus like so you can dunk your tacos in. They come with melted cheese and a bunch of different condiments of topping that are all homemade. There are no taco like this anywhere else unless your next stop to Houston Texas and even do. There are only 4-5 all over Houston that you can find it at. Next will be Brownsville Texas which is literally next to Mexico. They have two spots. So this is your closest you can get taco that just melts in your mouth oozing all over. Amazing!

Savannah D.

Wasn't sure what to expect but one of my favorite places around. I love you can see them cooking I think it adds a cool twist. It appears to be random at a taco place, but the ramen is amazing. Also of course the street tacos are. If you're a chicken fan only I'd warn that they don't serve any dishes with it ( at least when I was there last). Also no fountain drinks but they do serve glass bottle drinks which is a nice little twist.

Tony L.

Had 5 different tacos: Arrachera, Trompo, Birria, Suadero, and Chorizo. Overall, they all were decent.

Joshua Robinson

Quirky little Taco shop with a good selection of tacos made with fresh ingredients right in front of you. Really neat to be able to watch your order being cooked and put together right there in the front of the restaurant. Great selection of salsa and toppings avalible at a little bar near the seating area. The shrimp tacos were delicious. Will definitely be eating here again soon!

Kayla Riley

Loved the service, and the food. Been looking for good authentic Birria and they did not disappoint. You can see them prepare your food in front and they are all nice and happy to help! Will def go again!


The music was so loud that the staff couldn’t hear me to properly take my order. The staff were great. I got the 5 tacos and they were all pretty bland and dry. Some of the meats and salsas had a perfume taste. Really bland, basic and almost inedible. I was lured in by the good reviews. Big mistake.

Chris Rigol

Very tasty tacos. They have a simple menu with a good variety. A good change of pace from the usual mexican places without having a crazy weird menu. I can't wait to try more of their food.

Ashley Payne

Words are truly inadequate to describe the flavorful experience you’ll have if you eat here. Seriously, I don’t want to seem like I’m exaggerating when I say these are the best tacos ever. We tried damn near everything on the menu from the Birria to the quesadilla. We had traditional trompo and chorizo, we had the Paco Taco and the shrimp tacos. Listen. Just come eat here. Eat it all. Try it all. Try everything. Come with a friend because it’s enough to share and honestly they’ll thank you for bringing them to the best taco place in Louisiana.Also the service is always fantastic. Everyone is super welcoming and helpful if you can’t decide. But if you can’t decide, order it all.

Matt Zilch

Any other place for Taco Tuesday deals in Metairie? Nope! Awesome service awesome food, I'm getting some today and next week. I love this Mexican restaurant in Metairie. I haven't tried their margaritas yet, but that's my next go to. 5 stars

Polly Gonzalez

My husband Edgar and I went there tonight for the first time. If the steady stream of customers wasn’t enough to tell us it was good, the food speaks for itself. I had the shrimp tacos with grilled shrimp. They did not disappoint! My husband had true rock tacos. They were delicious! We went back for a second order of those to split. We ordered a Penny— a quesadilla for my son as takeout. He ate it and one of the rock tacos. He loved them! I had a frozen margarita as well! Daisy was very friendly and helpful with us ordering for the first time. We will definitely be back. Hopefully they will hook up with Door Dash soon so we can order at work!

Khai N.

This is the best authentic street tacos in New Orleans. I live in Texas where there are street tacos in every corner so my expectations are high. Great service, great tacos! Highly recommend!

Kelley N.

The burrito had melted cheese cooked on it which made a nice crunchy treat! The meat inside was really good and the cooked cheese on the outside prevented the tortilla from getting soggy. Overall the size of the burrito was really large and I could not finish it all!

Sedrick S.

Not sure where they get this shrimp from. This was pretty much a batter plate overall. The workers were very nice but the food is much to be desired.

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