Poke Loa - South Market

939 Girod St, New Orleans
(504) 571-5174

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Alex Adam

Ordered food and made sure to add utensils the order, even added again on the app.. didn’t get any utensils or napkins

Alexandria Lujan

Excellent Poke and Ramen! My family and I have tried Poke and Ramen all over the states and Europe. This location is always fresh, fast, and wonderful tasting. I highly recommend a visit. The staff are excellent too!

Nathan Prows

I loved it so much I ate there three times in a week. They had a friendly staff and good prices, the place was clean and had a good atmosphere.

Jeron W.

Poke bowls aren't hard to get right, but they are just as easy to get wrong. When a dish has such simplicity as a poke bowl, the quality of the ingredients are of utmost importance. I went to this poke place on a weekend night and it was completely empty, which usually isn't a dealbreaker but raises some concern. The staff people were nice and helpful and gave generous servings. The sashimi and the other ingredients were good, but the glaring mistake came from the most abundant ingredient: the rice. The rice was seemingly stale from having sat out too long without being replenished and made the poke bowl a bit of a tortuous meal to complete. If it weren't for the rice, this place would have been better

Kerem O.

Feels like I might be eating at a different restaurant than y'all because from where I'm sitting this place is objectively awful. Good quality seafood + ingredients, no qualm there. But the flavors are soulless, just bland and salty. I love poke, was craving it tonight, and my partner and I felt just immensely disappointed. Maybe it'sossible someone in the kitchen messed up something, it's hard to believe this is their normal output. Sticking with Poke Chan moving forward.

Mari D.

Coming from Hawai'i (and even working at a poke shop!), I'm always a bit nervous to try poke shops on the mainland. I've ordered at the store and through delivery and all times were very satisfactory!

Poke bowls typically don't come with quite as many toppings as offered here. It's usually just fish and rice. I actually really liked the selection of toppings here and for the most part, matched pretty well (I've never seen mango on a poke bowl though). I recommend pickled ginger, red tobiko, orange masago, furikake, edamame, seaweed salad, and crab salad.

The way they prepare the fish is also interesting. Poke shops usually have the fish pre-mixed with the sauce and mix-ins. I did enjoy having onions and cucumbers mixed in with the fish however since the sauce is added in when you order, I've never really been able to taste the sauce as much (which may be preferred if you like sauce on the lighter side). The spicy ahi is already prepped and the spice is very prominent and very tasty!

Overall, this is a great place for a poke fix! The regular size is very filling. Can't go wrong with a side of miso or the marinated cucumbers which are very good! It would be cool to see them incorporate other Hawaiian/asian seasonings such as alae, oyster sauce, wasabi, limu, and inamona.

Bill Townsend

So fresh and so clean! Love the King Loa Bowl add crispy onions. Quick and friendly, although they require card by phone for call-ahead ordering.

Amy Nguyen


Jeff Cagle

Poke Loa at this location is still CLOSED.

Matt R.

Had a friend mention Poke Loa to me for the first time a couple days ago & wow the food is amazing! Especially since I love mixing my food what better place to go haha!

Derick Davis

This place is great and clean. The food is very tasty and large bowls. Even the medium bowl was filling. There are signs on the wall that help guide you in building your bowl. I had the medium spicy tuna bowl, which isn't too spicy, with lots of toppings and a spicy sauce/dressing.

Derick D.

This place is clean and the food looks great. There are signs on the wall to assist you on how to order and a couple signs showing examples of a fully done bowl. I like that there is a salad option in addition to the white and brown rice and zoodles. I chose the spicy tuna, but the regular tuna and salmon also look good. Plenty of mix-in options and sauces/dressing. You have the option of medium (2 scoops) or large (3 scoops of fish) bowls. The medium is plenty enough for the average person. There is also some signature cocktails that sound really good. I will have to try it next time. I highly recommend eating here.

Sendy Guerrier

Spicy tuna poke so delicious!

Liz O

You can build your own our order a pre-selected dish. Ingredients are fresh and plentiful. My meal was tasty and filling. The cost was $75 for five people for lunch.


The place was lovely! We built our own pokes and they were excellent! All the ingredients were fresh and of good quality, and the amount was really good. In addition, the service was excellent and we had a a great time. I recommend it 100%

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