Willa Jean

611 O'Keefe Ave, New Orleans
(504) 509-7334

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D M.

There was NOTHING left on any plate lol. I started with the peach salad. The salad was well balanced in both flavor and texture. I then moved to the chicken biscuit and a side of grits. The biscuit had the consistency of a biscuit and pastry. SO interesting and so good. Chicken was fine. Could be a bit more seasoned, but was at moist. The grits were flavored beautifully, but very creamy and cheesy, so if you're not looking for a lot of creaminess, I'd steer clear. They were also a bit runnier than I expected. All in all was very satisfied with my meal. Would recommend and if I'm in the area again, would revisit.

Stephanie G.

Came here for breakfast it was absolutely amazing. We sat at the bar and the lady who helped us was sooo sweet I'd literally come back just to see her! She welcomed us and helped us with the menu. The monkey bread...please get the monkey bread. Out of this world good. I came back on my birthday because it was perfect and got the same items plus some pastries they have for take out. The coffee is great for to go or at your table. The bartender even remembered us! And wished us safe travel! Willa Jean did abide with the covid care vaccination guidelines. You cannot get a seat if you do not show e your card. Loved that they took precaution and actually work masks! overall great people, service, and of course food! can't wait to go back.

Jennifer L.

Best biscuits I've ever had. The buttery layers were the perfect soft/chewy texture with the perfect amount of crispness on the edges as if fried in butter. They other dishes were also solid, but my main reason for going back would be the biscuits. I even grabbed another one for the road after my meal.

Erene A.

We really loved our brekkie here this morning. We had the Bloody Mary, Rosemary Paloma, some coffee, the home fries, the fried chicken sandwich, and the hangover bowl. The oxtail on the home fries was so flavorful, and the dish came out piping hot. The fried chicken sandwich was our favorite dish. I'm pretty sure they bake the bun fresh. And the fried chicken was cooked to perfection. It wasn't overly coated in batter or greasy. The hangover bowl was also really good. I've never had grits before, so I can't compare to others. But I really enjoyed the cheesy grits in this bowl.

Jessica A.

Super solid spot! Loved the monkey bread, the banana bread, the corn bread, and the charcuterie. Great unique breakfast options and very tasty!

Jena S.

I have been wanting to come here for a few years and finally got the opportunity ! It is so cute and was sooooo good !!! I enjoyed everything we had the monkey breads caramel sauce we wanted to drink it!!!! Me and my friend shared the hangover bowl and the bbq shrimp toast . I loved the diff take on bbq shrimp , the bread had a layer of a yummy cheese . They also had a nice variety of mimosas and a very good Bloody Mary . We also got the honey iced coffee and we were skeptical but it was also yummy ! Deff deff will be back

Eric J.

Amazing food! Very clean and new looking establishment. Got seated quickly and had great service. Had hangover bowl and biscuits and gravy.

Kendall T.

The location is accesible by all abd the decor was set for a luxurious casual environment. The wait time for all moments was LONG! We were there for over an hour and half during normal standards, not due to crowded service. It could be better. Th beach what drink isn't tasty. It had too much cucumber flavor and not enough alcohol. The food was incredible and deserves instant traffic flow due to that. The chicken biscuit was fucking amazing. The cornbread was as well. It's worth it!

opentable dinner

I put my name on the waitlist and was notified my table was ready but when I got to the host stand they said the only thing available was the bar and a table would be a 20 min wait. Not sure what was the point of being on the waitlist but regardless I enjoyed my brunch date at the bar

Jennifer B.

My favorite casual breakfast spot in ALL of New Orleans. And as a local, with small kids that wake up when the sun rises, most of our meals out are for breakfast, so we've hit all the breakfast hot spots. Therefore you can trust me when I say this is the BEST casual, family friendly breakfast in NOLA. Must have menu items: Biscuit & Grandma's Sausage Gravy - the only restaurant style biscuit and gravy that's just like my grandma used to make! I can make her Southen recipe from memory but when I'm graving biscuits and gravy but not in the mood for cooking, this version can't be beat!! BBQ Shrimp Toast - I'm crazy for BBQ shrimp and love that you can have it for breakfast at Willa Jean. The dish is as beautiful as it is delicious. Just know that it's super decadent and will delightfully fill your belly! I usually make hubby order this so I can steal a couple of bites while I also get my biscuit & gravy fix! Fried Chicken Biscuit - It's like chicken and waffles but better! The Tabasco honey sauce provides the right mix of sweet + heat Warm Cookies & Milk - Yes, it's okay to have cookies for breakfast at Willa Jean! Hubby and I like to pretend we are ordering it for the kids. One of my best friends swears this dish helped her get through her pregnancy. Monkey Bread - I believe it's only available on the weekend menu because of the extra time it takes to make it. If you're there on the weekend, order it! Great for kids and adults. We've never left any behind. Griddled Banana Bread or Cornbread - When we can't get Monkey bread, we start with one of these two. Both are delightful! Yogurt + Berries - Great option if you're trying to be a bit healthier. Also great option for the kiddos! The other thing I love about this restaurant is that if tables are full, you can order from the bakery counter or the bar to go. Finally, as a woman, I love supporting a successful woman Chef Owner. Kelly Fields' food is amazing! I love it so much so that I also am a proud owner of her cookbook.

Raveena G.

We hit up this spot before our flight (mainly for the milk and cookies). My friend and I both got the the avocado toast, it was really good. My poached egg made for the perfect bites and loved the micro greens. And my friend got scrambled eggs on her toast which was just as good. It could use some jalapeños or hatch chilies to spice it up but we settled for hot sauce. The milk and cookies came with a whisk of cookie dough and the milk tasted like cereal milk. FYI - the cookies have flakey salt on them, it was a little much in some bites but the choco chunks balanced it out. My friend wasn't a fan of the salt but she's not a fan of dessert in general so I don't trust her. Dessert-hating friend did point out that the plates were rusted idk if it was actual rust or just painted for aesthetic but lowkey a concern cuz u shouldn't be eating off of rusted plates lol


The people were friendly and helpful. The shop is clean, bright and feels airy. But mostly importantly the food is good! Was a little hesitant to try bacon, egg and pimento cheese on a biscuit, but it didn’t not disappoint. Cookies were delish and perfectly baked. Coffee was the best cup I’ve had in New Orleans. You must try a biscuit if you go here!!!!

Pa'Reesha Seiber

EAT HERE! The food was amazing. I had the biscuit with butter and jam. This is probably one of the best biscuits, if not the best, I’ve ever had. The lamination in the biscuit is next level. I also had the hangover bowl and I could have sworn they put my grandmas stew over some grits...SO good! The potatoes are also perfection. The service was great. Coffee also delicious.

Surviving Poverty

Food is good southern with a nod to the fancy. Dishes were decoratively plated and so tasty. There's a bar for us single people and others who don't want to wait to be seated. There was a gorgeous bald blue eyed barista adding to the ambiance when I was there making a bar seat doubly desirable. The portions were generous and the menu variable. I picked the least appealing description and was still full when I left. My only change would be to make that chamomile mint tea concoction available in a tall iced option. So good! Get the T-shirt!

Tiffany Woods

Brunch but elevated. The cornbread appetizers was comfort on a plate. Croque madame a French classic done well. The mushroom and goat cheese toast was a perfect pair with a side of cheese grits. The WJ bloody Mary didn't disappoint and was the perfect accompaniment to tie the whole brunch together.

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