Hopewell Bar & Kitchen

1277 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
(617) 208-8925

Recent Reviews

Rohit R.

Has potential but this place sucks. Food was cold. Hot, fresh cinnamon bun? No, hot plate, room temperature cinnamon bun is more like it. Breakfast griddle sandwich was also cold. How is something that has "griddle" in the name cold?????? Even the cheese was not melted! Manager was nice and asked what he could do to make it right. He got both griddle sandwiches refired but they were both cold. My wife's sandwich didn't even have avocado in it! How do you try to make the experience better and don't pay attention to detail? Never coming back here.

Ashton Schlundt

I've been here two times now. Once for brunch and once for dinner. I have to say, the brunch was great though the prices seem a bit high for what they serve. On the other hand, the dinner is a disappointment in a basket. I ordered the roast beef three-way which is stated on there menu as $14. I expected a larger sandwich with generous portion of beef..what I got was a slider size sandwich that cost $14.50 for the "BBQ sandwich" and and extra $1 added on for the "three way" even though it is stated that it is $14 for a Roast Beef Three-Way. All-and-all it's not a terrible place but for the prices it is a let down and I will not be coming back for dinner any time soon.

Lucy L.

Delicious food and drinks. Well priced and decent portion. It's great for a lowkey date night.

Adam R.

The food is always great and the price point is right on....point. Realllly good spirit selection if you like bourbon and the scotch list is pretty expansive too. I felt their cocktail list was always pretty wack, but as of late they have really stepped that up. The staff is nice as well.


Great little gem of a bar that was really great. Had Shiner (my fav beer) with a couple of friends and the atmosphere was chill. 10/10 would reccomend

Andrew Greathouse

echo was great - super attentive and knowledgeable. I will always miss Our House, but it's great to see that Hopewell has become a part of the neighborhood and an actual go to destination.

Prince Cannon

We like a lot going out. Yesterday we went to this excellent place which we didn’t know before. We passed a delightful experience there with first-rate food and an efficient stuff and a distinguished chef. We added this fine restaurant in our list and we will surely come back soon. We highly recommend.


Went back again today. Had a great time. Food is solid and Echo the bartender was an absolute delight. Funny and attentive.

Evan Hall

Great drink spot that attracts a surprisingly friendly crowd. This bar and grill offers plenty of space, and it usually isn't hard to find a table to unwind with the boys. It's a great, low-stress counterpoint to the louder, younger bars in the area, and the bartenders here really seem to know their way around a cocktail glass. The bar also has a coin-operated pool table and a selection of pinball machines, in case you're looking for something to do. Definitely a new favorite spot in the area.

Andrew DeChristopher

Hopewell Kitchen has classic pub fare with a modern twist. Definitely something for everyone here. A large beer menu with a plethora of brunch-friendly cocktails combines with a shuffleboard table, a pool table, and some arcade machines to make an inviting night out for mostly anyone.

Patrick Henning

Fantastic food. Great atmosphere. Service was a touch slow but it was a busy Friday night. Great place, highly recommend.

Stacy M.

Horrible horrible management. After many years of patronizing this place I will never return. The owner is extremely discriminatory and made my experience the worst I've ever had at any restaurant.

Roberto G.

It has a pretty cool atmosphere. Their burgers are really well and they've got a pretty decent selection of beers. Their brunch is good as well, haven't tried their doughnuts yet though

Cynthia G.

Hopewell is one of my go-to places! The staff is super friendly and the food is soooo good. I've been told that it's a scratch kitchen and you could definitely tell by the quality of the food. I always get their short rib poutine and oh. my. god. It's so good. I always recommend it to everyone, when I'm sitting at the bar. Always good vibes when I'm there. Oh and the manager with the gauges is really nice and a hottie ;)

Lyusha G.

I've been coming here for years and always enjoy it. They have a great vibe, plenty of space, shuffleboard and a good drink selection. But after last night, I'm not sure I'll be back. They have a bartender with long jet black hair and heavy eye makeup who just treats her customers like scum. She's blatantly rude and impatient. Like hi, we're here to pay you money and leave you tips! I'm ordering 10 beers for 10 people, which means you're going to get a bigger tip on a bigger bill! Maybe don't roll your eyes at me and snap and slam the glasses and bill down on the counter because it took the group a minute to decide on drinks! I may end up reaching out to management about her because she's ruining an otherwise great place to hang out.

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