Ali's Roti Restaurant

1188 Blue Hill Avenue, Mattapan
(617) 298-9850

Recent Reviews

Shannon James

I simply love their dishes. I always get great customer service there. The place is neat and the workers are always welcoming. Would recommend to others.

Tamika Scott

Roti ingredients very fresh, not reheated boneless curry chicken..Cabbage, curry potatoes and chicken was GREAT!

Tricialicious Treats

The food is good but customer service is non existent. The manager is very rude and don't know how to talk to customers. I will not go back because of this.

Angelina Camacho

Friendly, clean, tasty but NO parking. *sadface*

Stacia S.

Their rotis are pretty good consideribg they havesome competition out there. But uf youre looking for agoodroti dont hesitate to stop by and get one. Nice portion size too

Meyling Yi

Best Caribbean food in Boston! I love this place so much. Their food is delicious, their portions are generous, and their service is always friendly. Stop by and show some love. You will not be disappointed

Chyna Lene

Roti still delicious ? after many years of not coming here

monique Simon

The customer service here was horrific and they do not deserve to be in business!!! Not only do they have terrible customer service, they're not clean. I saw the older lady bringing orders outside to people's cars and then come in and start serving right away never changing gloves. There were also guys entering in and out of the kitchen from blue hill ave. None of them had on mask or gloves, they were all eating and appeared to be drunk....only on Blue Hill Ave....smh

ken r

good food but be careful of the leaky plates. i would not open the food until you get home or you will have a mess all over your car seats maybe They will in the future get clear plastic to start wrapping some plates that contain a lot of sauce

Meghan C.

We got vegetable roti's to-go from here a couple years ago and to this day I remember it as one of the most delicious meals I've ever had. I don't live close by but I dream of getting back to Ali's.

Ashley E.

Delicious roti and curry! Ali's hits the spot every time and us always fresh. Make sure you go early for the most options cause they WILL sell out if things but you can't go wrong with anything in their menu!

Lynaia Evans

Bad customer service . I was there recently and this lady with long eyelashes was very rude when I was saying what I wanted to order . She pretend to not hear me when i kept saying to her i wanted something on my roti and she just ignored me and wrapped my roti. So I complained to the owner and nothing happened. I will not be coming back .

Robina C.

Ali' is the Best! I've had Trini food and this is the Best ever. The spice is just right and you want to savor the food, unless you do what I do and grab an extra for later, then you can gobble it up. I wish Quincy had an Ali's Roti's, so I could get one whenever I wish. Yummmmm the Shrimp Roti is really the best Roti to eat!

James Willard

I admire this restaurant! They have splendid dishes, their menu is nice, The cook in that spot is very trained, I like very much tasting all their food. The dishes are always of high qualtity, the service towards the customers is friendly. I go often to this place and I was never unsatisfied. I highly recommend it.

Ria Borman

The roti is always consistent ? ? ? ?

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