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181 Cambridge St, Boston
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scarlet r.

Wow has this location fallen. everyone used to be wonderful. Not anymore. Today, the manager was walking around the store and cut me off when i was walking to the exit, did she excuse herself or acknowledge? no. Then she cut off an old man walking through the entrance! The poor guy was wondering if he could enter because without acknowledging him, she walked in his direction like she was playing chicken with him and then abruptly stopped and turned her body away from him so that she was blocking his path into the store! She was looking at something else but it was so rude and out of touch! the guy had such a frustrated look on his face as he walked around her. But the real reason I am writing is, WF never had great sandwiches. Like most of the Boston area (except Sam LaGrassa's), you wonder if anyone making sandwiches ever eats them, because they are horrible. So since moving to Boston I've learned to just don't order sandwiches. Panini, maybe. Burgers definitely. But sandwiches? Just avoid. That being said, post-covid WF closed the salad bar so i was there hungry for lunch and just thought i'd give the sandwiches a try again and whoah, they were excellent. I had sandwiches in September and October of this year that blew my mind, had me purchasing ingredients so i could make these combinations at home. I thought WF had finally figured out sandwiches. This week, learned that was the wrong conclusion. Back to the sucky sandwiches. I've already had 2  that made me want to barf. Yesterday it was the tuna salad no less--- even people who suck at making sandwiches usually make a decent tuna salad, come on! So today I got their New England Cranberry Artisan Sandwich (it had been excellent in September & October) and it is so bad I am ashamed of Whole Foods. The bread is excellent, the turkey is ok, but who made this spread? Ugh, gross. What happened? So I'm just going to have to give up on the sandwiches at WF again. So sad. So, without the sandwiches or the salad bar, what else is there?

Olivia Kelly

Foods are so expensive.Although the place was nice.

Thomas V

This is a high-end grocery store, a place to buy your groceries. They do have lots of prepared food and a place to sit and eat, but it is not a restaurant.

Chris N.

Great food and produce. Always stocked, even through most of the pandemic. Have shopped here for 6 years and will continue to. It's very convenient if you live in the city or work at MGH. Staff are always very friendly. Coffee is great.

Taz S.

I shop WF. Lots of them. I've tried SO hard to make it work with this one BUT....too often the bread is frozen. The pastries are frozen. I know, because when I cut a cake recently it was still frozen in the middle and I didn't put it in the freezer. I've found: rotten pears, bruised blood oranges, rotten and moldy shallots - the same ones sitting for over 2 weeks! Sad produce. Used Prime for in the pinch delivery - got unwrapped chicken sitting on top of my groceries. Puke here. I threw everything away and did the walk of shame back to Wegman's for delivery. In 1 mile walking distance there's Roche Brothers, Star Market. Both have strong organics. Roche has better prepared foods and nicer less OMG could they be any whiter managers. Just can't support racist store with crappy food.

Peggy A.

This is the worst store ever! i am a frequent shopper at Whole Foods, and have shopped many stores in my vicinity including Lynnfield, Dedham, Hingham, Allston and have not been disappointed. Charles River Plaza Whole Foods should not be allowed to carry the name. Ever since Prime came in they have gone down. There's many empty shelves, it has been a challenge finding what I need. Now, since the pandemic, it is even worse, if it even could be!!! This store gives the chain a bad name! It survives because it is next to MGH and there is nothing else around. it is not a good experience! Trader Joe's is my store of choice living in Boston. A quick train ride to Somerville. It is a good feeling walking in with the shelves fully stocked and very attentive friendly staff, never left with a bad experience. Star Market at North Station is awesome too!

Eric H.

Extremely racist environment towards African American shoppers who are always being watched. As an African American resident of Beacon Hill, I find it quite disgusting the way Blacks are starred at by employees and the store's White managers i.e. NO BLACK REPRESENTATION ON THE MANAGEMENT LEVEL. I have complained numerous times regarding being watched and followed. Simply because the racist ignorant poorly educated White staff of this location wants to believe that Black folks should not and could not be shopping at this location let alone living in such an expensive area in which their poorly educated ignorant selves can not afford. Again the White staff and White management are the most disgusting display of the legacy of racism steeped in Boston. Nothing the ACLU can not solve. It's quite humorous how this location hires minorities as cashiers, etc. but none are at the management level. NONE! Just ignorant racist disgusting White males. Apparently this location and Whole Foods as a whole are trying aggressively to transform this store into a Whites Only location there to serve the White community in the are only as to maintain Boston's proud history of racism. Consequently, the Beacon Hill Blacks and those Blacks working in the surrounding healthcare facilities as doctors, nurses, therapists, etc. have to be on guard while the White residents and homeless Whites that frequent the store on a daily basis are overlooked and FREE to shop and SHOPLIFT with the freedom that the White management feel that they deserve as White patrons. My many complaints about these conditions have been ignored by this particular store's management all White of course. When making a complaint I am met with stares and glares as if I am speaking jibberish. The nonchalant and cavalier attitudes of this store's management is typical of those who promote racist actions, cultural intolerance and passive aggressive racist actions towards those they feel are a thorn in their side and should be eliminated from Boston. BLACKS ARE NOT WELCOMED AT THIS WHOLE FOODS which is quite evident of the low number of Blacks who shop there. The numbers of Black shoppers has decreased significantly over the 4 years I have shopped at this location. Why? BECAUSE WE FO NOT FEEL WELCOMED! However, a group of my Black Beacon Hill residents been started and we will be voicing and submitting our experiences relative to this location to corporate. THIS TYPE OF INTOLERANCE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN 2020 and beyond! Whole Foods Charles River Plaza has been placed on notice. Cheers!


This whole foods location would be better if the lines were not so crazy long every single time... the offerings are amazing, the options are endless and the prepared foods really varied..but the lines...thats all.

Anne L.

The Whole Food Market really does their best. Service is normally terrIfic. Food quality is good. I buy most of my fruits and vegetables there.

Laurie M.

John in prepared foods was so accommodating! I truly appreciate the delicious manicotti. It will be enjoyed Saturday night. I thank you!

Sharon S.

I think the food quality has really gone down over the past couple of years, however, I will go in for some things, especially if something I use is on sale. Today, when I checked to see what was on sale, I saw that they have sea scallops(10/20 ct) on sale for $12.99lb. How exciting. When I get in the store in the seafood sections, the signs (plural) are clearly posted. I get a bag of sea scallops 10/20 ct. I make my purchases and leave. As I'm walking away, I'm thinking, something is wrong. Did my total bill with 3 items come to over $40? Well yes it did. I was charged $26.99 for the scallops. When I returned to the store customer service, I was told that that sale didn't mean the bag, just loose scallops, then I was told that even though the bag says 10/20 count (just like the ad), One large "on sale sign" was posted above the bagged scallops. It was actually 1.8lb, so they would be willing to refund me $7. I respectfully requested my full refund. I love seafood. A couple of weeks ago, Star Market had the same sale. The only difference is that the limited your purchase to two, but they honored their ad. This isn't the first time I've run into an issue like this at this Whole Foods Market. If feel like bait and switch. I realized that a lot of the clientele is better off financially then the rest of us. I could never afford to spend $26.99 on a pound of scallops. That doesn't mean I never get to eat them, I just have to wait until they go on sale. When traditional stores like Star Market or Stop and Shop put a item on sale, there is no double talk like with these guys. I'm not saying that I will never shop here again, because it is conveniently located for me. However, when I have other options, I will certainly take them.

Matty B.

I went shopping, and had to use the restroom. Somebodh was in the stall making phone calls for half an hour. I eventually say "ok cmon buddy you've been here too long get off the phone I need to use toilet" man flushes and doesn't leave the bathroom for another 10 minutes. Finally emerges and he's a kitchen employee!I'm never buying prepped foods here again!

Char I.

Ummmm...this Whole foods is low rent...perhaps I'm biased as I'm from TX. I try to visit WF in every city I visit. This is hand down the worst. I am aware that each WF carries products locally. How of the ever...upon entering the store if felt very unfamiliar...unkempt...and lacks organics... and the traditional vegan/ vegetarian options I'm accustomed too...the coffee bar is very unbecoming and it has pastries sitting out uncovered...the hot bar food and salad bars are messy and the food looks stale...the overall set up of this store is weird and makes it hard to navigate... Perhaps the employees are not oriented to how the prime at WF works...the cashiers response when I asked to scan my WF bar code was "well this is not on sale" who the hell was asking about a sale?...I merely wanted to scan my code as I am one checkin away from $10 off my purchase thanks to the new program WF is offering... Any rate this WF is below par and doesn't meet the expectations I am used to in the WF in TX...

W. B.

There's a new Sheriff (Store Manager) in town, and, finally, after years of poor management, the bar is finally rising at Whole Foods Market, at Charles River Plaza. Don't get me wrong, in my opinion this Whole Foods Market still has a way to go, but the improvements, since the new Sheriff arrived, are noticeable. I maintain that food that Whole Foods puts on their "Hot Bar," should be suitable for a hot bar, and not so sensitive to Hot Bar heat, and, often, prolonged exposure, that that food looks awful, and tastes as awful as it looks. If there is an Executive Chef at the Charles River Plaza store, I'd say that he/she needs to pay more attention to the Hot Bar, and foods that are amenable to/not amenable to a Hot Bar.

Michelle T.

Delivery process needs some work. Refusal to bring the delivery up to my door even though I specifically requested it be brought to my door and gave very specific directions. Lazy drivers and missing items. This has happened multiple times.

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