Angela's Cafe Orient Heights

1012 Bennington St, Boston
(617) 874-8251

Recent Reviews

Ernesto Morales

Loved Angelas, Food was amazing and the waiters are very good.


Good food and very good service

Ricardo Guevara

Good food and good customer service

M W.

I'm so happy you can safely dine in again at Angela's!!! The tables are well spaced, the front of the restaurant is open and there's plenty of ventilation. Their menu is only available online but no matter since I know what I am ordering, I don't need the menu. The food as always was amazing. Their red chilaquiles are my absolute favorite. Always well worth the drive.

Christine D.

You cannot beat their brunch-especially on the weekends. (Brunch cocktails!). Such a great asset to have in Orient Heights, whether a taco or omelet...or a margarita.

Kadir E.

Great place to eat. Love all the dishes! We go to Angela's all the time. Breakfast food is out the door good!

Sandy T.

Love love love Angela's cafe! This is one of the best places in Boston for Mexican brunch (although their dinner options are also pretty good as well!). Honestly you can't go wrong with anything on their menu but I would personally recommend their chilaquiles. Their mole poblano also packs a ton of flavor although when I had it I found that the meat was a little tough/dry. The inexpensive prices at Angela's cafe is also another huge plus.Angela's has two locations in East Boston, the food is fantastic at both. I do prefer the Orient Heights location because it's more spacious and has more street parking available compared to their Eagle Hill spot.

Jeffrey Ruiz

Great Customer Service.. Food could've had a little bit more flavor but all in all pretty good

Jorge Gallego

Great food.. customer service not that great.. if you planning to go on Sunday be ready to be waiting at the door and after you get seated you will be lucky if they come to you right away

J Cif

they always provide excellent service

Philip Williams

Excellent breakfast exceptional. Fresh fresh glad the wind blew me in their direction today. ?

Anthony Albano

Angela's has been a favorite of ours for many years. We have been to both locations and have received the same great service and more importantly great tasting food. They usually remember our drink order and make us feel like regulars when we really not there too often but as I said have been going for years. We primarily go for breakfast. I usually get the basics either bacon and eggs (omelet) or pancakes with home fries which are my favorite. My wife has ventured out to some of their Mexican specialties like huevos ranch eros which she really likes. The price is extremely reasonable and the portions are just enough. An extra plus is the atmosphere with traditional Mexican decor and a personable crowd. The Lexington Street location is very intimate and is filled mostly with people from the neighborhood and the Bennington street location is a much bigger dining room with a full bar. Being in East Boston limited parking is the only downside but much worth the few circles around the block.

Justus Lang

Had a great experience here with my wife. The food arrived quickly and the customer service is just excellent. Prices are fair.

Julie Villada

the food and service are great

Jack McNulty

Place is nice food was delicious and people friendly

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