665 Boylston St, Boston
(617) 927-8333

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Lisa DeSimone

Has such nice staff and I always enjoy my food. Thank you for always being so friendly!

Tal O.

this is such a great casual lunch or dinner spot! the food is freshly made right after you order it and you can literally watch them make ur meal! the guys making the food are so incredibly sweet! there's plenty of seating inside and a few outdoor tables as well! i love their impossible burgers and tater tots!


the food was made fresh with fresh ingredients and not fried, the service was quick and you could sit inside or outside.

Susan Sherwood

They have the best burgers. No fat in them. I feel like I have had a good meal. They are delicious.

Kaelan Cooter

Slow, forgot parts of the order, found a hair in my fries.

that white rex wagon

Place was eh. Not bad but not good


Given the portions and prices, I would recommend you just go to CAVA next door if you're looking for a healthier-side quick bite. You will get your food sooner too.

Karen M.

i came here and bought a salad bowl, which was overpriced to begin with. Then i was about half way done with my food and found a Japanese beetle in my salad. it was disgusting. I went and showed it to the employee and i wasn't hungry anymore after i saw the bug and they didn't do anything they wouldn't give me a refund or give me a new food they acted like it happened a lot and were not surprised. I've been to b good in the past and i will not be coming back.

Erica P.

I was just there like 20 mins ago I had a avocado toast and sweet potatoes right everything was going well I finished eating the avocado toast and I'm enjoying the fries and when I'm half way done one of the fries that I was chewing started to taste like some chemical I don't know if it's cleaning cleaning but I had to run to the bathroom to throw up . I want to talk to someone about to there was no one there and I had an appointment at 1:30 so I just had to run out . Right now my stomach is upset . I don't know if I should go to the hospital but I won't even be back . I don't feel safe to eat here .

Numbers Madrid

Just had lunch here and it was really good. Burgers are super and I had a tasty salad which was full of proper fresh veges. If you have a mix of vegetarians and meat eaters in your group it's got something for all. Quality ingredients. I pride myself on making a good burger and these are better! Great food, love the fact that they cook with seasonal ingredients the Pumpkin sald is a must!!!!! Awesome vibe.

Tammi Villagracia

store is closed! needs attention! trash over flow! rats burrowing from under ground! send help!

Nicolle Camacho

The food is delicious, fresh and healthy. The staff is friendly and fast! This place is definitely a good healthy restaurant to visit in Boston.

Abdullah Almuhanna

This restaurant is one of my favorites in Boston. I really like their classic burger and regular fries since they use healthy ingredients and organic sauces. Also the service is good and the workers are very kind!


Very good place for a quick healthy meal. Our kids love the breakfasts and the turkey burger and veggie burger are both very tasty. The use a lot of local fresh produce and the food is higher quality than what you get at a typical fast food chain.

Peter Salem

Really good selection of healthy fast casual meals and sides. The Thai Noodle salad is substantial, spicy and very tasty, added a Beet Pineapple Patty to it, and got a side of sweet potatoes fries.

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