25 Thomson Pl, Boston
(617) 819-8226

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Mike D

Fun place! Great food, drinks, and bartenders!

Aaron S.

First off, I am a huge fan of Bartaco...I have had stellar experiences at every one I have been to...until today. Was thrilled to see there is a Bartaco in Boston. Attended Red Sox game and planned a late dinner. Opened app right after game and secured a waitlist spot. App informed me that I would be informed of wait when I arrived and to arrive in no more than 30 minutes. Opened Uber app...surge pricing at $58. Hesitated but this was Bartaco so agreed. Great Uber ride and was there in under 15 minutes. Walked in to great vibe and much anticipation... Until I met the smug host at the stand. Conversation: Me: I would like to check in. I joined wait list on the app Smug employee: what is your phone number? Me: xxx-xxx-xxxx Smug employee: you are 34th in line. Me: what does that mean? The app said you would inform me of wait time when I arrived. Smug employee: well, we have reached the point where I might have to tell people I cannot guarantee we can seat you. Me: why would you add names to waiting list if you don't have seating? I took an Uber all the way here and too late to look elsewhere to eat. Smug employee: your best bet would be to try to get a seat at the bar. Me: are there seats at the bar? Smug employee: no, but you are welcome to any that open up. Me: how often do they open up? Smug employee: may not open up until closing. Me: so you can't guarantee me a seat at a table or a seat at the bar before closing (2 hours til closing btw) Smug employee: no Me: will you keep me informed of the wait list position Smug employee: you can call and ask Me (rolling eyes and wondering if he even would answer the phone): thank you. Smug employee: my pleasure Advice: do not allow people to join waiting list if you cannot seat them. I know you can do that because the app now stopped accepting them. Serve those you add. Then you won't be the worst bartaco in an otherwise exceptional restaurant chain.


Tacos family style

Vy H.

On first glance, everything seems super affordable until the tacos come out and it's laughable how small they are. I usually come for the spicy margaritas, I think they're the best in town. However, they don't take reservations. They have an app that you can check in on but on my most recent visit, they still wanted me to come to the hostess stand to check in in-person in addition to doing it on the app? Kinda beats the purpose of the app and it makes it difficult for diners to go without having to wait 1+ hours.

Dmitriy S

So this may be one of the best taco places here. The pork belly taco was hands down the best I've had. We had to order more of it. The shrimp one was okay. Margarita was fairly good as well. We had a treat when the bar made extra cocktails and they offered to give us one on the house. I would certainly come back here.

Wendy L

Bartaco is located in the Seaport area of Boston and they make such amazing food here!I was in the area for a business trip and stopped by to have dinner with 2 of my coworkers before their flight back to Los Angeles (L.A.). We had a lot in tow (their luggages, our laptop bags, and huge coats) so the hostess sat us in a spacious area where we could hang our coats and put belongings away from customers' view and foot traffic.Decorated with tall plants, the interior reminded me of a refreshing island retreat house. Its brick wall, wood panels, and dim lighting give this place a very cozy feel. The servers' uniforms were really cute too: blue/white gingham collared button-down longsleeves paired with white pants. It actually complemented the place. And I also loved their branding with the dragonfly!Now the food really stood out here. We ordered a variety of items:- Beets & Goat Cheese: A must! The refreshing beets paired really well with the soft goat cheese. The flavor profiles worked so well together.- Plantains: Another must! Imagine a lightly-sugared coating on the exterior and a luscious and creamy plantain center. With or without the cilantro dip, it was really delicious. It was simply amazing, we placed an additional 2 orders!- Corn Fritters: Crunchy but a little boring.- Cucumber Salad: The pickled cucumbers were so refreshing. I enjoy having this at home and I was so glad to see this on their menu. This is great for cutting the salt from the tacos.- Seared Swordfish Tacos: A little dry but the flavors were good!- Glazed Pork Belly Tacos: Pretty good if you like Pork Belly! It had a slight sweetness to it.- Roasted Duck Tacos: Excellent! This was my favorite and I would love to have this again! I had to savor each bite because it was so so good!- Nojito: I ordered this non-alcoholic mocktail and I was surprised at how close it tasted to a real mojito. It was so refreshing and I absolutely loved it!The servers are all super friendly here. I loved their upbeat personality and how well they knew their menu items. Our party was very pleased with the service we received! We even mentioned to one of our servers how well Bartaco would do if they came to L.A.  Even though L.A. has a plethora of taco shops, I could totally see Bartaco be among a top competitor in the L.A. taco scene!Overall, Bartaco hits the mark on decor, customer service, food presentation, taste, and inventive dishes and drinks! The prices weren't bad either! I highly recommend this spot! I know where I'll be the next time I'm in Boston!

Matthew Standland

This place has some of the best tacos I've encountered in my 3 year tour of New England. I recommend the duck, ribeye, and fried fish especially.

Albina Usmanova

Good place to grab a drink and have some tacos!!

Sharon C.

This is definitely one of my all-time favorite taco spots. A 1-2hr wait is expected but so worth it! Their tacos are experimental but all so good. My favorite was the pork belly taco- IT WAS PERFECTION. You can't really go wrong with any of them.

Marina B.

Cute Taco Bar with tasty food and friendly staff. They have a bunch of veggie tacos that I was excited to try. Between the Mushroom, Falafel and Cauliflower Tacos, I only really like the Cauliflower ones. Those were fantastic though! I also loved the churros. My fiancé claims the Baja fish tacos are the best he's had. Definitely worth a try!

Tianna D.

I could have sworn I wrote a review for Bartaco before! Summary of first review since my memory is great with food more than anything. My husband and I were having mini vacation in Seaport for our anniversary in April. We were walking around the area in search of food and stumbled upon this restaurant. It was PACKED. No reservations allowed it was a first come first serve and a 2 hour wait. We were starving but we were committed. The most important taco you need know about here that you can't (at least as far as I know) find anywhere else are the pork belly tacos. SOO O O O GOOD. Also got the plantains cuz I love them and who would I be of i didn't order? Watermelon and pineapple skewers good Street corn - good Pickles - can't remember Fish taco - ok. Usually fish tacos are my go to but weren't to my expectations. Roasted duck - good Tuna tatako - good but actually wish it was on taco Chili-lime shrimp - see current review Sesame ribeye - good Crispy oyster - the was disappointing :'( Glazed pork belly - if you know you know! ---------------------------------------- Current day Came here on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. And to my shock it was empty in comparison to the last time I was here! Got seated immediately. I was mainly interested in the pork belly, shrimp and roasted duck this time but my husband wanted us to go halvesies on more tacos so here's what we got this time Roasted duck - good, seemed a little dry but my friends said theirs was juicy. I'll still order it the next time I go. Chili-lime shrimp - if I had remembered how spicy the sauce on this was the last time I wouldn't of ordered it again. My mouth was burning at least 2 tacos later. Glad I started with this one instead of having it last. Spiced chicken verde - good Fish taco - see above from previous visit Street corn - wasn't so great this time seemed like it was selling slowly that day. Pork belly- like i said.. if you know U KNOW I got 2 :P Chorizo - need to get my husband's feedbck on this one as i did not taste it. Both times what I liked about the experiences were that the barcode is specific to each table and whether you are dining with your partner or with a group of friends each of you can open multiple tabs at the table so no one has to worry about how to split the bill in the end and it's a great way to keep track of what you ordered. So once you order, it goes to the kitchen and the only time you have to interact with someone is when you're seated by the host and getting your food from a server. And paying the bill is done through your phone as well. Very smooth system.

Thomas R.

Really nice place. The tacos were delicious and were also small so it was easy to mix and match. The guacamole there is superb and the margaritas are top notch. The fresh squeezed lime juice makes the drink so smooth, not overly sweet, just right. The service was also great - we sat at the bar due to the wait and the bar service we received even on a busy night was great. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a solid Mexican meal.

Ashley L.

bartaco is in general is a solid way to go but their Seaport location was solid. They had an insane wait to dine-in the other night but ordering online for pick up was seamless and easy. I love their chicken verde bowls and their chorizo tacos. Their proteins there are delicious and keep me coming back for more. I hope that I'll be able to dine in next time, but happy to continue supporting bartaco when I have the chance! 10/10.

Michelle D.

Bartaco never disappoints. Drinks, food, and service are always superb! Love how easy it is to order from your phone & slip the check with party. The only downside is sometimes there is a long wait.

Kathryn G.

Just average food and sub-average customer service. We ordered the fish, chili-lime shrimp and mushroom tacos. Was the food excellent, definitely not. Was the food bad, no. Fish was crispy, but bland being only paired with a little cabbage and sauce. The shrimp at least had more flavor, but was slightly over cooked. The mushroom was good, but overpowered by the sauce. As for service, it's order yourself via an app and pay through the app. There's none of the typical interaction you'd expect at a sit-down with recommendations, refill of waters, you set your own napkin and utensils, etc. COVID- wise, the manager also had his mask down when talking to his employees.

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