Boston Burger Co.

1100 Boylston St, Boston
(857) 233-4560

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Richard U.

Excellent original recipe specialty burgers. Went for kids birthday. Delicious. Huge servings and delicious taste. The shakes were even better. Service was average and pricing was fair.

Jeremy J.

My family and I stopped in here while we were in Boston a couple weeks ago to try some of their famous popular ice cream and everybody was talking about. I myself am not a huge ice cream person I don't really like a lot of sugar and stuff so I only had a few bites of each one of them peoples ice cream. So both of them are really good I like the strawberry one better my wife also enjoyed the strawberries girls like the chocolate one but overall good ice cream expensive but good

Jennifer K.

We visited on the last day of our trip to Boston, right before heading to Fenway. It was still early so it wasn't crowded which was good. The servers were friendly and attentive and the burgers were juicy and yummy. Glad we made a stop here.

Luke M.

Have ordered from Boston Burger Company for the past few months - delicious when eaten at home; however, delivery boxes, wrapped burgers, and takeout shakes don't live up to the in person experience. Having tried a few of their burgers at this point, my go to is the Killer Bee. Seeing the volcano of onion rings drenched in BBQ sauce lava, perched atop my bacon and swiss (substitute) disc of medium rare meat, was an entirely different experience than the same sandwich wrapped in foil. Taste was just as great as delivery sandwiches, with each component discernable in each bite. A bit much on the BBQ sauce, but hey, just use it to dip your chips. Also shared a strawberry shortcake frappe. Tasty shake with pieces of strawberry, topped with shortcake (a little dry). Real ones will scrape off the graham cracker rim (stuck on with frosting). I paid for all the sugar, I'm gonna eat all the sugar. Will head here as a first choice whenever I'm craving a burger.

Julia M.

Heard about these on instagram, and since I'm in the Boston area knew I needed to try! Great burgers (they live up to the hype!). I got the Mac & Cheese burger but am excited to go back and try a few more. Lots of fun & unique options. A bit pricey, but it is Boston and the burgers are super unique & filling!!

Mark M.

As we walked all over Boston we decided to go to Boston Burger Company since we saw it on Diners, Drive inns and Dives. Great place!! Seemed a little under staffed as so many places are post Covid. You can have your burger in a bowl as a salad if you want to, which 2 of our party did and loved. I had the Inferno Burger which was delicious and great, it was not as spicy as I was thinking it would be but still had amazing taste and was cooked to perfection. The baked beans I got as a side were right on point and tasted exactly how I was thinking Boston Baked Beans should taste. Everyone in our party loved their meals and the beers. When I say it was under staffed, that does not mean we had bad service. You could just see the stress of the servers. If your in the mood for a delicious burger try this place out if your in Boston. Sorry no pictures!

Walter S.

Sorry but a bit overhyped. The burgers were nice sized but dry. We had them in a bowl and it was just a to of lettuce... The fries were very good though. The wings... so so...

Tricia T.

Guy Fieri never lets us down! We came in here on a very hot Wednesday before the Red Sox game. Game started at 7pm and we got here around 4:30-5pm and it was packed full of fans in their red and white gear. Apparently lots of folks had the same idea! We sat at the bar since it was wide open and it gave us a good view of the milkshake making station, which was always busy. I ordered the Mac Attack because it's the one featured on DDD and mac n cheese is basically my favorite food. My husband ordered the Roots (?) burger, but got it on a regular bun instead of an English muffin. Both burgers were cooked perfectly. Mine was a bit less messy than my husband's to eat - certainly wasn't being attacked by the mac, haha. I didn't realize the Mac Attack didn't come with lettuce, tomato, etc. so it was a little bland but my husband's was packed full of flavors from all the various toppings. We ended up staying for another round because the weather turned to rain and we didn't have umbrellas to walk to Fenway. Then we headed off to the game and, after a couple rain delays, the Sox won!

May L.

We ordered two burgers, an appetizer, and two shakes between three people. This was way more than enough food for us. The burgers were amazing, I loved the 420. My favorite part were the frappes. They were so decadent and they were everything I ever wished for in a milkshake. My favorite frappe was the Churro. I would recommend ordering just one for a table to share. They are very very sweet (and I'm a sweet tooth). Their service was fantastic! I'd recommend any friend to come here to have a cheat meal here.

Katie D.

This place was amazing! It was recommended by a Boston local and it did not disappoint. The staff was friendly and very helpful!

Matthew M.

My family and I came here for the frappes. And they were both killer and freaking huge! We also throughly enjoyed the 4/20 burger. Huge portions and very good food!

Cheyenne Genest

We had an amazing experience at this legendary location! Bryce our server was incredible. So attentive and personable. The burgers were all to die for and worth all the hype! And the milkshakes too mmmm!I highly recommend this spot. Reasonably priced for Boston.

Jennifer D.

I wish I had taken a picture of my burger! That was my mistake! I got The King which had a fried banana, peanut butter, bacon, cinnamon and sugar and the burger was equal parts sweet and savory. The cook did a wonderful job cooking my burger to the requested temp of medium rare and our waiter was fantastic. If I could recommend anything, I'd like to have more bacon and thicker bacon for the burgers. I did not get a chance to taste one of the frappes but each table outside had one and they looked fantastic. I think they did a great job with COVID protocols and really appreciated the outdoor seating.

Katerin Frances

had a great time here. very friendly waitstaff and amazing food. the burger was excellent.

David E.

Came here with family on early evening on national hamburger day. We were not disappointed. We were seated immediately by a lovely and friendly server. I had the Roots burger and it was fantastic! Absolutely recommend. Service A+ and Food A+.

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