Bukowski Tavern

50 Dalton St, Boston
(617) 437-9999

Recent Reviews

Santiago Delacruz

Service is typically good. The bill was fair I would say.

Zeel Bhatt

awesome place. y'all should def visit. im gon' go again soon.

kerry hood

the staff was very welcoming and sociable. kinda of like a cafe in phoenix that i enjoyed.

Rotem Sivan

This place is really happening.Beer makes you a little happier sometimes. That's what she said.

Unc Biosuperwomen

Everyone in my extended family has memories here and each year we go here. I do like the little homey feel the staff and workers are very welcoming I would recommend this place for people visiting

Andy T

Great local drinking hole. Good beer selection

Jessica Kilgore

Great beer bar (don't call it a dive!). Poutine isn't fancy, but they are delicious if you like spicy. I'm thinking of spinning the wheel next time. Nice hidden gem in Back Bay.

Mark Breen

Literary theme. Kind of a millennial dive pub with some excellent craft beer. Good service. Fun atmosphere. Sub-par food.

Sgt. Pepper Lonely

Tiny pub very close to the Prudential center, Boston. Great craft beer. Nice atmosphere. Fair price.

Cole Kennedy

The hot dogs are better than dive bar hot dogs have any business being.

Steven D. Brewer

Interesting beer selections, professional service, and great atmosphere.


Late night beers and their version of poutine, we had a blast. Dark and perfectly filling the Bukowski vibe.

Cole Kennedy

The hot dogs are better than dive bar hot dogs have any business being.

Victor Goodman

Cash only. Open late night. Beer and wine only. Respectable grilled chicken sandwich for the late night victory. Absolutely no frills but a pretty cool place.

Tom P

I love this place.... its the perfect dive bar (and by dive bar, its meant as a complement). Phenomenal beer selection, great music with the perfect amount of darkness...

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