101 Arch St, Boston
(617) 542-0392

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Jennifer Tran

Great portions, quick, easy and tasty lunch options! Favorites are the bbq chicken sandwich and the hotdog with a bit of hot sauce.

Shibya Pandey

Try their vegetarian sandwich.

Simone Lam

Tasty, though the line was long, worth the wait! Love their chilean sandwich!

Pablo Morales

I'm chilean, I've been here for around 6 years and I'm really embarrased that I didn't meet them before, I've tried those chacareros before in my country, but never something like this, those are the best chacareros, you have to try those sandwiches!100% Fresh

Josh M.

Tucked away on Arch Street, across from St. Anthony's Shrine, is a little gem. Chacarero. I have to admit, I don't vary when I go here. Chicken sandwich, all day. Yeah, the one with the green beans on it. Green beans? On a sandwich? Seriously? Yes, green beans on a chicken sandwich, seriously. Just thin cut, well cooked and seasoned chicken breast, with "hot sauce" a delightfully spicy guacamole, and some mayo on bread they make fresh every morning. A substantial and delicious sandwich. Sides/drinks are extra. Service is fast and pleasant. It's not really a sit and eat place but if the weather is nice, it a great sandwich to eat while people watching outside. If I just get the sandwich, I can get out of there for about $10. Highly recommend but there are less expensive options around.

Pedro Gustavo Torres

Great spicy sandwich! The staff is really nice too!

Luis Monteiro

For the past 20 years or more this place still have a awesome quality food. I was happy to see the same own. Keep the great food. Love it.

Cara B.

I got the combo sandwich and it was tasty and a bit spicy but the guacamole evens it out. I wish I got some type of sauce or something to put on it maybe sour cream or Sriracha. It was missing something, can't put my finger on it. I wasn't a fan of the chicken empanada. I'd definitely go back and try the beef sandwich, not the combo.

P. J.

Consistently delicious! As other reviewers have explained, the sandwich is chicken or beef (regular or barbequed) on a delicious, dense bread, topped with cheese, hot sauce, green beans, avocado spread, tomatoes, and roasted red bell peppers. You can get an even hotter (yellow) sauce if you ask for it. There's also a vegetarian option. The restaurant is clean, the staff are always pleasant and courteous, and the line moves quickly. What's not to like?

Jim McConville

The sandwich was pretty good, but didn’t wow me. The empanadas are messy, but tasty. I spilled juice on my clothes and the table. Strange setup where you pay at the counter when walking in, then go o another line to order your food. Try the MASH drinks. The mango one is good.

Brian Gereau

Amazing, huge sandwiches. This is a go to place for a great lunch.

Laura D.

Short line around 12:30PM on a Friday. Pros: -Efficient line system where you pay in advance and then go through the counter assembly line--I went through a short line in less than 5 minutes. -I appreciate the simple menu with limited choices -Soft bread -Spicy(?) avocado spread Cons: -Chewy/dry meat (I would opt for just chicken or maybe veggies if I returned) -- Small Combo Sandwich ($10.81) Soft bread, about 4oz of meat (beef + chicken), cheese, avocado spread, tomatoes, and green beans. The best part was the avocado spread which I think had a little spice to it (or maybe it was the cheese). Unfortunately I found the beef to be overly chewy and the chicken to be very dry. Otherwise, this is a filling sandwich and can be split into two meals. I'd consider returning if I was in the area.

seelia chung

You order at the small counter and then go online to where the food is to get your order. The staff at the counter was very sweet and explained what was in each other to us and answered our questions.

Seelia C.

You order at the small counter and then go online to where the food is to get your order. The staff at the counter was very sweet and explained what was in each other to us and answered our questions. We ordered a BBQ chicken empanada and a combo sandwich. The bbw chicken is really spicy but I also cannot handle spice. The combo sandwich was mediocre and bland. It tastes fresh from the avocado and the tomatoes. It was also the first time I got green beans on a sandwich. The green beans were similar to that of public school green beans. Three stars for the food and four for the service.

chloe Jace

It’s amazing the food is great the service is great nice and clean I’ve been eating here for years

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