D Coal Pot

984 Hyde Park Ave, Boston
(857) 345-9512

Recent Reviews

Robert Lawrence

We arrived at this place for dinner. my friend recommended this place. Well, it was very nice. The crew were extremely nice and we felt very good. The meal was delicious. We enjoyed every moment and we will visit this place again. we highly recommend this place.

Sterling Allen

I celebrated my nomination last night in this great place. Well it was a enjoyable evening and the place was evidently the reason for this fruitful gathering. The stuff cooperated in a lovely manner, the meals were great and my friends were so happy. We shall definitely return for more joyful events. thanks very much.

Emily Pease

Very friendly and helpful staff, and the food is tasty! I absolutely loved doubles and aloo pie, and the chutneys and sauces were awesome. My only complaint is that I didn't order enough food and wanted more!

Joycelyn Shavers

I was excited to learn this place opens on Sundays. I attempted to call and drop by as I did not get an answer figuring they were busy. The door was lock with no one in sightAs for their food it's ok, 4 stars for the food and people very friendly service, five stars, making it 3stars

Daiquan Freeman

Food and service is awesome love their roti, doubles and aloo pie, soup is good too but most times they overcharge.

Rina Alston

I love this place. Great Food.

Kimberly Hartgrove

Great food, service, and prices!

Tamika Vernet

As a first time customer here, I highly recommend coming here! The food tasted good, especially the curry chicken roti. Very excellent service.

Fantastic V.

Don't let this little hole in wall fool you, this place packs a lot of flavor. Great food, nice owner and great location. First time here, I ordered the buss up shot. Second time around, I have the curry goat roti. Man!!!!!! Even better.

Soanii Neena'fate GONZALEZ

For my first time eating here I will not recommend this place you'll thank me later maybe they had an off-day but the food was definitely not enjoyable. The only thing that they really put seasoning into was the salt fish and they put ALOT of salt. The bake had no flavor and tasted just like dough. Definitely recommend the drinks tho

Maria Gonzalez

The food was very good and the people every better . Love it .

Tanye Perkins

Doubles are toooo thin, food needs more seasoning/ flavor/ taste. Ali’s Roti has more of an authentic Trinidad taste.

Skye M.

I ordered their cow foot soup and it had a scorched flavor like the bottom of the pot was burnt so sorry to say the taste was awful. You could smell the burnt before you even open the soup not very happy with it. If you are not a fan of cilantro like me, then I'd just warn be careful because there is tons of it in the soup. I will try again, maybe it wa a bad soup day ‍

John Conille

Gr8 food nice Trini warm people.

Estefania Mamichula Diaz

great quality food. the family it's really polite and they always provide outstanding customer service. David the owner is the nicest person u will ever met and so it's his wife she always gives my son lil delicious dumplings for free

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