106 Cambridge St, Boston
(617) 523-4463

Recent Reviews

Ezra Norton

filled me up in no time. the service was very friendly and attentive.

Fred Kelley

Searched Google Maps and walked from Mass General. Location had no exterior signage identifing it (variety store) as containing a DD inside.

Guido Warnecke

Donuts are good and full of calories :-)

Bailee P.

Very weird location. It's connected to a sushi restaurant and another place that went out of business. The service wasn't very great. Sandwiches were not the correct order.

nestito hernandez

I think they need more training in knowing how to pay attention to the the customer service the price way to higher than others dunkin stores for rather go to strabuks coffee Manger needs 1000% training how to saying thank you to customers this morning at 6:28am was there waiting and I saw a roach crawling on the counter and on the ice machine for the coffee the definitely need a good cleaning and a good sterminator in their area or in their basementI hope the owner read this review is very important for sanitation and people consuming their products from their store

Malika El-bey

Love it

Forrest Walter

Friendly but they still have not been trained properly to make an iced coffee with two shots of espresso. THEY MUST BE ADDED AS THE LAST STEP!!!!!\\nWhy? Because less ice melts. If you put them in first over the ice it melts so much it makes the drink weak.

Leviathan Damian Lacy

It was nice, the service was fast

Tina Cozzolino

Got to get my wraps and coffee for breakfast

Alan Joseph

Sometimes they are understaffed and cant get orders correct, but im giving them 4 stars because the employee (christopher) gave me a free coffee when they previously got it wrong the day before. Things happen but customer care is important and he didnt have to do that, respect.

Jana Purpleroses

The coffee had ground and mix of two old coffees

Zayra Almondes

Lovely people working there. I would like remember the name of a nice woman who attended me and my daughters Friday 04/27. I think Azana. People like her makes difference. Congrats

Abhishek Kadam

Quick service

Cyndi H.

Horrible coffee! Worst coffee I have ever had from Dunkin' Donuts. You need to clean your pots and stop serving burnt coffee and making people pay for it. Will definitely not be going to this Dunkin' ever again. They should pay you to drink it !!! This place reopened and it should have stayed closed.

Kate C.

I actually cannot say enough positive things about the staff at this Dunkin. Since the renovation, I stop in frequently, and they are always attentive, positive, professional, and diligent.

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