Hong Kong Eatery

79 Harrison Ave, Boston
(617) 423-0838

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Austin Conde

wow. incredible experience overall. this has to have been the most fun i’ve ever had looking for food. from the moment i entered that restaurant i was moved. A) some of the workers lacked masks, added the the grimey ambiance of the whole place. B) my order was actually completely wrong, only 1 of the 4 orders was correct and at first they only gave us 3 dishes. C) in order to get the food back we had to barter with them, explaining in detail our order multiple times until they finally agreed to get us the correct dishes and . D) the most interesting part of it all was the “????” all over the receipt, making it almost impossible to split payments and figure out what was ordered. Overall, the Hong Kong Eatery provided me with some of the most awful dining experience i ever had. 10 out of 10, would recommend


I tried 叉烧,盐水鸡,脆皮猪,琵琶鸭 Char sui pork, salted chicken, Crispy pork, Pipa duck takeout Try this restaurant if you long for delicious Cantonese food!

Khoi Vo

You can't go wrong with the bbq here. Great all around restaurant in Chinatown!

Michael Fan

The food was delicious! Definitely authentic and reminds you of asia. The portions are large and the price is right. Very tasty Char Siu (BBQ pork) and the roast pork has a very nice crisp to it. The roast duck was disappointing. The portion we got was mostly bone and no meat...almost like leftover duck. Otherwise everything was fresh and delicious.

Pablo Rubio

This is an awesome no frills cantonese restaurant. The inside is comfortable enough, and sometimes they seat you at large tables with other parties. The roasted duck is very good and nice and fatty. Their vegetable dishes are also very fresh. I recommend the jellyfish salad if you want to taste something a bit different. Their rice plates topped with your choice of meat are a great value. They could improve their restroom.

Khyrul Khan

First time taking out from this place tonight. Got the rice platter with three proteins. The soy sauce chicken and roasted peking duck were absolutely delicious! The beef brisket was okay but not my favorite - a lot of it was inedible gristle and fat. Apart from that, good first time experience. I would try from this place again! Oh, their scallion pancakes are also very good, try that!

Thomas V.

Not a great takeout experience (although in their defense we were early). BBQ pork was just okay but least duck had way too many small bones. Sauce wasn't good and the food was cold. Like it was just sitting around all day to be cut. Would not order from again. Go to Chinatown Cafe for a way better food experience. 2 stars because it's relatively cheap but I won't be going back.

Axel Zavala

I certainly love their dishes and customer service, good area right next to where I live. The cashiers are always very friendly. Highly recommended.

Luca Johnson

Best char siu and roast duck/pork that I have had in Boston. It is excellent in their noodle soup in addition to the simple rice plate. Great vibe when busy. The chow fun, congee, and pan fried noodle are also great.

Katie H.

My husband and I had a lovely dinner here last year (yeah I'm really behind on reviews). We got the salt and pepper squid and the wonton soup with roast duck. The salt and pepper squid was really solid--an excellent rendition of one of my favorite Cantonese classics. My husband thought it could have been crispier, but I liked how tender the squid inside was. They are well-known for their wonton soup and for good reason. The broth is comforting, and the wontons are yummy. Both went well with the roast duck. I've also gotten their roast duck on my way home from work before, and it was pretty good. Meaty, not too fatty, and seasoned well. If you're looking for an affordable, solid dinner option in Chinatown, this is a great place to go. Unlike Gourmet Dumpling House, you don't have to wait hours for a table as well. I'm looking forward to coming back for more wonton soup.

Ka Ning Yip

been coming here since I was 10. it is still one of my favorite places

Steven Chin

Food is prepared quickly, very courteous and social distancing is adhered to. Food also is very good.

David Y.

Tasty authentic Cantonese and Chinese BBQ: roast duck , crispy Roast pork and BBQ pork. Didn't have duck feet today. Lots of choices for plates specials, fried rice, lo mein, rice stick and cake, with that wok taste. Fresh vegetables rounds out the flavorful menu.

Sophie L.

To determine the authenticity of the Cantonese restaurants, I always order beef chow fun. It's a must get because the Wok flavor is authentic and delicious! The flat rice noodles are chewy and perfect. The roasted ducks and pork are also on point. I'm just sad there's no lemonade tea in this cafe. Overall, I like the big portion and authentic flavor for a reasonable price here!

Freya L.

This is a terrific Hong Kong/ Cantonese style BBQ. The roasted duck tastes delicious. It's a little bit too greasy though. The price is decent.

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