Love Art Sushi

1 Haviland St, Boston
(617) 982-6953

Recent Reviews

Josh Shuman

Quick and helpful. Also very tasty. Like the desserts and snacks. Sushi and the bowls were both great too. Spicy mayo was dope

Cb Stein

Good poke bowl, lots of fresh veggies, good poke salmon, poke tuna, toppings and sauces. Many choices.

Michael Lu

Unfortunately the quality of their bowl went down since a few months ago Pre-quarantine. I use to order from here twice a week. But now, they are using low quality tuna and salmon, with a lot of muscle fibers making it hard to chew. None of the fresh fish taste. The amount of fish went down significantly. The amount of rice and vegetables went up to cover up lost of fish. The rice is hard and clumps together like old rice. The price went up too. Quite disappointed. It use to be my favorite restaurant in Boston. Now I don’t know where to go to get my craving satisfied. I understand trying to cut cost to make up for the loss from the pandemic but damn this is too obvious.

Glenn Miller

I visit this excellent place once a month as I love the special atmosphere that is outline this restaurant. The personel is extraordianrillyremarkably friendly and qualified. The service is absolutely quick. Also, the food they cook is great. I came many times and I was always satisfied. The rate is modest. I recommend this restaurant to to everybody.

Andrew Pan

Staff and manager were extremely kind, and the poke was delicious, with a great variety of ingredients

Candice W.

The Bowl is great.However, because I ordered on Uber Eats. It came with very little stuff inside. Very unfair.

Yoon H.

my friend and I weren't a big fan Spicy Hawaiian(the one in the back) but we both loved Fenway Special! I have actually never seen anyone who didn't like Fenway Special unless they didn't eat sashimi in general haha. It's definitely my go-to meal at Love Art Sushi! However, it's not really filling, to be honest.

J R.

Absolutely the best poke bowls in Boston. Loved this place before the pandemic and now order take away from them. Simple pick up system. Their fish is always so fresh and the portions are substantial. Great place!!

Samantha G.

Best poke bowls in Boston and the bubble tea with green tea boba is amazing! My favorite poke bowl Is the spicy one. They deliver and have take out service only at the moment.

natasha n.

Consistently awesome poke bowls! I love the freshness and variety of proteins, mix ins, and sauces. Portions are good for the price and quality is consistently on point! I always get the Fenway bowl and get jalampenos in place of the corn. I love the different drink choices and how they have free refills. Really happy this place is a short walk from home.

Howard Roark

Built bowl with tuna, rainbow salmon and unagi, on left. Like an Asian chipotle, delicious. Suggest they remove unagi skins though, bit tough

Irina Rasskazova

Delicious poke bowls with fresh ingredients! Great price/value

Kevin Nicholas Gavit

I ordered the Spicy Tuna, Kimchi Tuna Poke and Grilled Chicken Makirittos...They are delicious. I ordered online for pickup and they were ready very quickly. The ingredients are very fresh and delicious. This will become a new regular spot for me!

Ian Martin

Very cool little spot. Went to the bubble tea pop up here. Really tasty and weird thing to call out, but very functional lids on the drinks.

Nina N.

One of the favorite poke bowl stores. Very fresh and tasty. Definitely buy a drink to go along with your bowl since there are free refills!!

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