584 Tremont St, Boston
(617) 247-2931

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J D.

Simply my favorite restaurant in all of Boston. The food is consistently excellent, and I have frequent cravings for the simple roasted chicken. The staff are all wonderful- Steph, Ashley, Mikey, Micaela- they all know their clientele personally and have built lasting relationships with the neighborhood regulars. The covid pandemic has kept me from dining there as often as I usually do (at least once a week), and I miss it so much. I love you guys!!Take a moment today to leave a positive review of a business you love!

Annie R.

AMAZING FOOD !!! Our service was so wonderful, the staff was great. Highly recommend the brussels sprouts as an appetizer and the pan roasted chicken. The restaurant was very well socially distanced outside and we will be going back SOON!

John Littlewood

Great menu, great beer, excellent staff. I will definitely be dining there again, The 'Sriracha Glazed Brussels Sprouts' are a must! Outdoor seating is great on a nice cool summer evening also.

David E.

That is one great burger! A wonderful, intimate setting with an adequate wine list and friendly staff. Brussel sprouts are a must. Lovely space to dine al fresco in the sidewalk out front. Stop in for a classic entree or a few cocktails, or both!

Jeffrey Devlin

One of my favorite restaurants Boston. Consistent great food, wine, and service.

Jose Campos

I go to this marvelous place many times as I like the special air that is exist in this restaurant. The personel is exceptionally welcoming and experienced. The service is remarkablywonderfully quick. Needless to say, the food you get is great. I came often and I was always satisfied. The rate is honest. I highly recommend this restaurant to all my friends.

Phyllis O.

What a gem of a restaurant, even now during take out. The food is fabulous and the staff is wonderful. I recommend the Rigatoni. Also the cod, the Brussels sprouts and the bread. Dear lord, the bread! And the vegetables, so fresh and delicious. Metropolis is a very bright spot in a very hard time. Oh, and a perfect dessert.

Ben K.

Delicious burgers!! Thank you for an amazing COVID Dining In - you guys are really working hard to keep us fed in the South End. And a great endive salad too! Metropolis sits next to Mela, which is also great. Together, they attract a nice, physically distant crowd waiting patiently for their delicious COVID comfort food. Thank you guys for being so flexible and for sharing your food with us in these trying times.

Della S.

This review is for their Dine Out Boston menu ($33/person for 3 courses), so it may not be the most representative of their regular menu. Sadly the Dine Out Boston menu was a big disappointment... The meal started with some tasty bread that came with roasted garlic in olive oil. The bread was awesome-- super soft on the inside with a chewy crust. This made me very hopeful for the rest of the meal, but unfortunately I think the bread was the highlight for me. For the appetizers we tried both the chicories and herb salad and the shrimp & grits. The salad tasted very refreshing because it had fruits (apples and pomegranate) in addition to a bright, tangy vinaigrette. But it wasn't terribly special and I feel like I could get a similar tasting salad at a typical cafe. The shrimp & grits was nicely seasoned. The grits were shaped into a cake and seared, which formed a crispy base. But again, it tasted like something I could easily make at home. The entrees were pretty disappointing. The braise pork osso bucco was extremely dry and came with a heaping serving of equally dry beans. The seared black bass was tender, but pretty bland and came with another excessively large serving of cabbage. The protein-to-vegetable ratio on the two entrees seemed off balance. I probably wouldn't complain so much if the vegetables tasted better, but unfortunately they weren't anything special. We both got the blueberry miso crumb cake for dessert. The serving was pretty big-- each plate came with 3 small slices of cake. The cake wasn't too sweet and paired well with the blueberry compote and creme fraiche. Food-wise, I was pretty underwhelmed and disappointed by my visit. However the servers were very attentive and friendly. If their regular menu items are anything like the Dine Out Boston menu items, then I definitely won't be coming back.


Scallops. Definitely try their delicious scallops.

Karen Ali

This restaurant had such a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The staff was great. Food is fantastic. I had short ribs with spaghetti squash. I highly recommended.


Scallops. Definitely try their delicious scallops.

Jean Gillon O'Connor

Excellent service and delicious food!

Brain Raymond

This is no doubt one of the tastiest restaurants in the region. Every time I go there I am highly pleased. They always keep their high level service and the highest level of dishes they serve. You no doubt will love this restaurant. Highly recommended.

Andrea S.

A hidden gem!! I'm in the south end all the time and all I hear about is Barcelona and Beehive! We need to start talking about Metropolis!! I usually don't like omelettes but this ONE THE GRUYERE AND MUSHROOM COMBO!!! I will never forget! Also usually I feel the egg amount in omelettes is overwhelming but this was just RIGHT! And DONT get me started on the PHENOMENAL potatoes!!! :O I WILL be dreaming about them!! Don't think I forgot about my gluten free sweethearts!! They have a gf English muffin that is honestly a work of art. Will definitely be back here! Not to mention it's cute as hell in here!

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