North End Fish & Sushi

99 Salem St, Boston
(857) 362-7477

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Numbers Madrid

Learned of this little gem on the Free Tours By Foot Little Italy tour. Stopped in for sushi after and found a nice selection of rolls. The Sweet Moon Roll was fresh and delicious. Came back the next day for the Lobster Roll--also delicious with lots of big chunks of fresh lobster! This is a small fish place in the North End. The staff are great and really good fish. Do go if in the area.

Maya T.

The wait was a little long so recommend ordering ahead. The price is pretty good compared to other lobster rolls prices I've seen. If you don't know what to order, I'm tell you right now, order the lobster roll:))

William T.

I came to visit Boston, and I was walking around the streets. I wanted to try lobster roll so I decided to give it a try for this place I saw. I got this lobster roll for $15. It was fresh and a lot!!! Anyone who wants to try lobster for a cheap price, this is the place!

Hai Hoang

Good price. Good lobster roll

Eugene W.

This place has some really competitive prices for sushi and lobster rolls. We ordered a sashimi deluxe and a lobster roll, and I was very satisfied with the taste of both. The only reason they get a 3/5 is both my girlfriend and I got mild food poisoning afterwards. We saw a fly in their sliced avocados inside the store. I also found a dead fly stuck to my fish... I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and come again, but I can't give a higher rating until they prove themselves.Sashimi Deluxe $23: Great deal for 15 pc sashimi. Tasted fresh, and they gave us a lot of salmon (which I love). As stated above, I found a fly stuck to my shrimp..Lobster Roll + Clam Chowder Combo: I think it was $17 for just the roll or $19 for the combo. Bread tasted amazingly buttery, you get a generous portion of lobster (cold). Chowder was savory and hit the spot. A cheap and fast alternative to Pauli's or Neptune Oyster nearby

Eric S.

Great spot, ordered the King roll and it was something special. We have been picking up from here the last few sushi cravings and it continues to satisfy. Reasonably priced compared to other locations nearby.

Nicole B.

I don't even know where to begin but I always park at Cooper St Parking and have walked by this place a million times . After a long day of eating and drinking In the North End I decided to grab a spicy tuna rol on my way to my car and WOW was that the best decision I ever made! The people were beyond friendly and the sushi was out of this world!!!!!! It was the freshest sushi I have ever had and I eat sushi on a daily basis. I live 40 minutes from here and will be visiting North End Fish to satisfy my sushi cravings anytime!!

Amber Ceballos

This place was amazing! They were so fast and courteous! I got two rolls with a mix of salmon, shrimp, crab, and mango and I could not have been more happy! High quality and delicious!

Marni M.

First time ordering from here. Was able to buy two full trays of sushi, two edamames, and gyoza for $100. The sushi was okay, everything tasted relatively fresh. Edamame was simple, just boiled with no additional seasoning. Gyoza was incredibly doughy and raw tasting. The pork was cooked but was not great. Good bang for your buck but will definitely pass on the appetizers next time.

Sheila M.

The best sushi in Boston. Their food is always super fresh and they are so helpful when you want something adjusted. I am a low carber so I do my sushi without rice. North End Fish has the best combo Maki rolls and they will make them for me without rice! They are super nice people to do business with. So glad they have reopened.

Janessa H.

Hidden fish market with the FRESHEST FISH and OYSTERS!! Hardly any standing or seating room, but I managed to snag a spot on the bench and they brought over a foldable table for me to enjoy my food on. Great hospitality and an amazing gem. Prices are affordable, quality is great, and the portions are generous.

Clayton R.

I have never walked into this place only admired their fish from the sidewalk, but I have ordered the chirashi (17$, sushimi over rice) 25+ times and as a total ny sushi snob this place gets it done for the price. Totally delicious every time, incredibly fresh and blows every other weeknight sushi spot out of the water. When all gets back to normal this is the first place I'll go, incredible. This is my first and maybe only review, I care about this place.

Jess L.

I honestly have no idea why this place has such high ratings. Called ahead to make sure they were still in stock, they said yes. I arrived, apparently they weren't.... Fine, it happens. The store seemed a bit sketchy and prices were meh, but I decided, since I'm here, might as well get something. Decided to buy a can of crab meat instead. They put it in a bag for me. I'm usually a pretty trusting person so I didn't bother to check the contents. I went home, opened it the next day to make an omelette, and this horrific sulfurous, rotten egg smell came out of the can. Really confused, I checked the expiration and it was over a month ago... I can understand having stuff a few days expired. Stores stock a lot of things, it happens, but 1+mo is just unacceptable. I will never ever go back.

Joseph Serna

This spot always delivers. They have great food for convenient prices, there no long wait even when the place is busy.

Kira T

I don’t know how they do it, but they make the best avocado roll I’ve ever tried;))

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