Saltie Girl

281 Dartmouth St, Boston
(617) 267-0691

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Best stuffed lobster with crabmeat in Boston! We always make a point to eat at The Saltie Girl when we’re visiting!

Tulio Arredondo

What seems to be the manager, lady wearing a gray cardigan on 9/12, is an awfully inexperienced lady in real hospitality. Coming from NYC hospitality industry myself, she fell terribly short at it. The lady, since she didn’t even introduce herself at the moment of arrival at our table, was quite shallow and without compassion. I am honestly baffled at the interaction I had with her. Food was good though. Won’t come here again.

S Bobby Gerjarusak

It's an awesome hang out place. It's even better now with outside seatings. Go for the raw stuffs and things from the tin. Cooked foods were just good, not awesome. Our server was super nice though. He was Brazilian and spoke fluent Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We tested him in Mandarin and Japanese and he passed. Respect. Oysters are a must! Burger and waffles were also good. I think it's more of a snacks and drinks place.

Sam Kaczmarek

First of all the food was fantastic - if you’re not afraid of seafood that is. Going beyond that, a fan of fine drink this is the place for you. Our sever Gio has accommodated all of our needs. When we were stuck in trying to find which drink catered our interests - he came by with the perfect advice. Aside from that, he came to us almost every 5 minutes asking what we needed and if everything was okay. Gio from the Saltie Girl is a 5 star experience. Especially because of him.

subinur mardan

Such great foods~ good quality with good services. Nice restaurant for the chill.

Madison P.

Omg the Snow Crab Avocado toast is unbelievable! The service was amazing, our server helped us make such good choices. My boyfriend was obsessed with his lobster roll, the perfect ratio of lobster to bun. My crab avocado toast was so amazing. The bread was toasted perfectly and melded so well with the toppings. If you're in the Boston area, gotta stop here!

Danielle S.

Really really loved this place. I came to Boston for the weekend and made a reservation for Saturday evening. There were a few people waiting when we arrived, but we were seated right when our reservation began. We ordered the Day Boat Scallop Crudo, the lobster and Uni pasta, and the fried lobster and waffles. The scallops were very fresh and it was soo tasty. The lobster and waffles were the perfect balance of sweet and savory, and the pasta had a kick of spice that was exactly right. It is more on the expensive side, but it's worth it for a nice date night or celebration. Will be back next time I'm in town!

Ashley C.

This place taught me how to love oysters. So many options, and so fresh! The hostess was attentive about social distamcing and people outside smoking too close to the restaurant. It was much appreciated. This restaurant is really expensive, but the food is definitely good. Lobster roll was the best I've ever had. The way you actually want it: warm and toasted and buttery. Wish I could afford 3 because it is the size of a hot dog. Would love to go back, so good!

Tiffany V.

One word: DELICIOUS!Such a unique spin on seafood. Everything was so good, even the different kinds of oysters!Torched Salmon Belly -- a lot of avocado but it paired very nicely with the salmon! Torching it gave it that nice guys grilled taste without fully drying it out!Hamachi Crudo -- aesthetically pleasing but also delicious. I always love a great tasting crudo! Also didn't have too much oil!Saltie Girl Burger -- 3-beef patty with pork belly and fried lobster! Not your average burger but would definitely recommend to burger-lovers! The fried lobster was a little too salty but a cool addition!

S Murray

seafood at this location - very tasty. nice place to meet and catch up with family. had a friend come into town and asked me to take him here again. bring your appetite because portions are filling.

Crystal C.

We dined around 12 PM on a Sunday. We made a reservation so we only waited briefly while the host sanitized and set up our table (Reassuring to see the tables were cleaned in between customer rotations).We were seated and ordered relatively quickly. We selected fried clams, hot lobster roll, & Saltie Girl burger. Our drinks and fried clams arrived relatively quickly. Within 15 minutes of ordering. The drinks were standard and the fried clams were perfectly crispy and moist. But our entrees were another story. Took roughly an hour for them to arrive and the patty on the burger was overdone and dry. The lobster roll was good - warm and buttery and the bun was toasted well. But nothing spectacular. Unfortunately, the service really left a bad taste in our mouth. The waiter didn't check up on us and spent most of his time hitting on women at other tables. We couldn't get his attention to ask about our entrees and by the time he was able to speak to us, the entrees were coincidentally being plated right that moment. The manager came around and apologized but the damage was done. With the long wait time, bad service, and high prices, I won't be back.

Tiffanie J.

AMAZING!! The fastest 10/10 I can give on Yelp. My first time coming here was a few weeks ago and I recommended it to all of my friends. It's a small place on Newbury and honestly, I haven't had the best luck at restaurants. However, Saltie Girl has went beyond my expectations and have wowed me every time!! I absolutely love coming here for brunch because it's great food, drinks, and outdoor seating! The service here is impeccable and is always making sure that your table has water, all the entrees, etc. I've ordered the frose, which is amazing! Hint of rose but there's a taste of some peach, making it like a frozen peachy rose. I've tried the bloody orange cocktail and that one really punches you in the face with the flavor. The coconut one is also good if you love tropical flavors. Some top dishes that you CANNOT miss out on are the crab meat toast, the cacio lobster uni pasta, and the torched salmon belly with avocado! The crab meat toast is everything bougie you need at brunch. It's perfectly toasted sourdough bread topped with loads of crab meat, pistachios, and straccitella. Delicious and the texture just hits! The lobster and uni pasta is also another of my top favorites. It's perfectly cooked pasta and the flavors are amazing! There are pieces of lobster, peas, and tomatoes, topped with a mountain of shaved parmesan. I also really like the torched salmon belly as it is cooked to softness topped on a layer of avocados. I also really enjoy the oysters here as they are fresh and clean of brine! This restaurant is clean and expectations are met fully! Even though the prices here are a bit pricey, you are definitely getting your money's worth for the quality AND the quality. Can't wait to come again... soon!

Chevonne W.

What a great dining experience. I called earlier that day and got a reservation for dinner with outside seating. We had the best corner table with comfy pillows. No wonder the hostess said there is a one and a half hour max. I could have sat there all evening. You have to walk down some pretty steep steps to get to the outdoor seating which was dipped in a little cove below the street which was also a nice touch. The food... yum! We have the snow crab toast and it was by far the best I've ever had. I've never been a fan of avocado but the blend of the two was not overpowering at all and actually gave me a new appreciation for the slim colored food that has the same texture of welfare butter. We also had the lobster steam. Not recalling the name but kind of like a low country boil fancy style with lobster. It was very good and reminded me that New England has the best seafood hands down!! The wait staff was very friendly and attentive. We will surely be back here when I come back home

Alex B.

Amazing spot! Everything was delicious but special mention to the burger! Ingredients are high quality, fresh seafood, cooking and seasoning on point. Nothing is too crazy. It's good quality food, done right with smart combinations of flavors. Ambiance and service are on point too! Definitely one of the best spots in Boston!

Kitty L.

The best seafood in town! Literally everything we ordered on the menu was fantastic. If you love foie gras, you must try Foie Gras Torchon. It's creamy and decadent. Ask for some toasted bread on the side to enjoy. Drinks are delicious and beautifully presented. They have a cute outdoor section during covid time. They also provide hand sanitizers at the table. Will be going back before this summer ends for sure!

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