Tip Tap Room

138 Cambridge St, Boston
(857) 350-3344

Recent Reviews

Kimberly Wilson

Clean and neat place, the food is delicious, the prices are moderate and the customer service is great!

George Eldredge

Great place to grab food when in a hurry. The service is efficient, rates are fair, awesome character. Will come back again

Corinne Shea

We love it here. Great food with awesome flavors and atmosphere. Staff is helpful and dishes unique. More tips than you can imagine. My husband had kangaroo last night. He loved it!

Kerry Lynn

Amazing atmosphere, food, and drinks! Definitely recommend!!

Yasmeen Khader

phenomenal staff, excellent atmosphere, and some of the best food you will EVER eat!

Amanda C.

Came here w two friends and had a reservation otherwise we needed to wait 30 minutes which honestly is not bad for Saturday night on Valentine's Day weekend. I ordered the sour AF cocktail (was ok - definitely nice a sour, didnt taste alcoholic but had a strong kick) and steak tips medium rare. The steak tips came w mashed potatoes and pickled jalapeños (?). I was expecting better tbh given the rave reviews. My steak tips were super chewy and tough. Tasted good but the texture was awful... the pickled jalapeños were also kind of a strange addition, adding an overwhelming sharpness to the dish which may have been better as thinly cut pickled onions. Overall was an ok meal. Service was very slow. But the ambiance was great and the waitstaff were very kind. So overall a nice place to hang out but I wouldn't come here specifically for the food.

Devon O.

Had the pleasure of staying near this location, and with so many options nearby and overall in a new city, I am so glad we picked this one! Most write this off as standard american food, but it has exactly what too much american food is missing, FLAVOR. Starting with the calamari, super fresh, and blown away by the use of shishito peppers and lemon yogurt sauce versus the standard marinara. The way this comes off, you may believe we have been doing calamari wrong this entire time. The clam chowder was a must for me at any place I visited for food. Again, this was a different take that I enjoyed only slightly less than others. Where I am accustomed to a very rich creaminess, this only fell a little short but this in order to deliver to you something different than what ever single new england restaurant had to offer. As a clam chowder, a little off, but amazing as a soup especially when you factor in the presentation. Soup drip. What I was most excited about was the south african rubbed rib eye and when you read the description its just flavor, flavor, flavor. Some places try this and then the components of the meal are too separate to be good together. Here, each ingredient was tailored for the next, creating an amazing food experience at a place I never expected. Thank you for the great eat! For more food and adventures, follow me on IG @verytrueoso

Della S.

American food with a twist: if you're craving an antelope burger, then this is the place to go. They usually have a featured burger with some sort of uncommon meat. Currently it is an elk burger. The burgers themselves are pretty simple. You can add cheese, mushrooms, or onions for an extra price, but otherwise most burgers just come with lettuce, tomato, and sauce. I don't know what magic they're doing in the kitchen but the burgers melt in your mouth! The meat is super tender and juicy and the buns are super soft. At the same time, the burgers are able to hold their shape. The fries which come with the burger and sandwich orders are crispy and the seasoning is amazing. I know I'm hyping the burgers but they also have other menu items and brunch on the weekends. The vibes are great for any occasion and the servers are friendly and attentive.

alejandra garcia

This place has become one of my favorite to go to! They had a wide selection of beer and drinks and the food is fantastic. Plus wait staff is always attentive and helpful

Zak Binx

I was really excited about the menu, only to find everything was pretty mediocre.

Brandon Surma

Favorite place on my first visit to Boston. The beer list is awesome, not only rare beers but they've got all the styles covered. Food was great too. I tried the antelope burger and the swordfish tips, both were very good.

Taylor Duncan

Great food and beer selection! The harissa wings were flavorful and my antelope burger was perfectly cooked and delicious! It was a great spot to hit before the Celtics game

H Stout

One of my favorite places to eat. good location, well kept, and excellent customer service. I highly recommend them!

Caitlin Kelly

Drinks were great. Plenty of stuff to love on the food menu. Comfortable atmosphere. Good service. I’ve been back several times.

Charles M.

AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I just kind of picked this place at random for a lunch with my friends and I was delighted to have such a perfect meal. For starters, ask for KIM, she couldn't be more attentive and as complicated as I am at ordering she didn't miss a beat and even offered me alterations to my meal that I guarantee many servers would not go out of their way to satisfy. She was friendly, fast and I couldn't be happier with the way she took care of us. Now the FOOD was another experience on its own. Who would've thought you could have a burger made of Antelope?! Here you have it. And it was worth the try! They have a huge selection of sauces and aiolis that we got to try with several of our meals. I can't even specify all the other meals cause we loved them ALL! Even the manager was incredibly helpful and had us try more sauces. We loved it here and will definitely be back. Other restaurants should follow the lead of the Tip Tap Room because this is some of the best service and food I've had in a LONG time. I absolutely recommend and I will absolutely be back!

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