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Amz Atok

Tasty food and awesome drinks. The atmosphere is exciting, good place to try.


My wife and I enjoyed a fantastic meal at Yvonne's. As vegetarians, we found plenty to order and loved every dish we ate. Sarah was fantastic as a server and we felt sorry for her having to deal with the rude clientele sitting next to us. The atmosphere was incredible. Would return again happily.

Tammy Gryniewicz Pimentel

The vibe inside is fabulous and cocktails are fabulous


My wife and I really enjoyed our dinner yesterday at Yvonne’s. Food was excellent. We had the Gobi Manchurian Stone-Fired Pita with Fried Cauliflower, Paneer, Kashmiri Mozzarella, and Manchurian Chili Sauce. Also the Kale & Orzo Salad with Roasted Brussels Sprouts, Grilled Radicchio, Feta Banyuls Vinaigrette, Burnt Raisins and Sunflower Seeds. We shared the Niman Ranch Long Bone-In Ribeye. Dessert was good too. The only small disappointment was that the wait staff is not well trained or very friendly. We didn’t feel any real warmth or passion from the servers. The food came in a timely way, so it wasn’t the kitchen staff. The dining room staff was efficient, but just didn’t seem to care much. I read a review prior to going there where they said that if Michelin were to ever come to Boston, they were confident Yvonne’s would get a star. I think that is certainly possible for the food, but they need some work with the wait staff. Will return when in Boston again. Thank you.

Deborah Martin

An amazing menu, great fir sharing plates with groups … everything we ordered was the best and out did our expectations … service was excellent well timed , great table service … definitely on our list the next time we are in Boston … the decor is early 1900 elegant , dark and romantic

Natraj Srinivasan

Great ambience, drinks. Good vegetarian options and surprised to find indian flavored pizza. Perfec place fpr dates.

Brittney Rose

I've been to Yvonne's a few times and this time I went for a birthday dinner. The ambiance is always amazing at Yvonne's . It's such a lovely place. The cocktails and shared plates were delicious! We had no issues being seated since we had a reservation. Our waitress was friendly and helpful at the start of our meal but then made us feel really rushed at the end. Not sure if her shift was almost over or she was hoping to flip our table faster but she asked to take our plates when food was still on it, she came back frequently to ask if we wanted anything else or dessert. We split the bill 3 ways but for some reason she split it 2 ways and only charged the third person 3 cents. It felt like she was rushing and it made our experience feel that way too. Could have been better

Sarah Goldfarb

Good vibes and a fun Thursday night! Food was extremely average but it’s more for the ambience than anything else. If you’re looking for a superb meal, you won’t find it here. But if you’re looking for an enjoyable bar-scene, a cool venue, and some snacks then this is the right choice.

Westley Richters

If your looking for a great dining experience, go to Yvonnes! It has a modern speakeasy ambiance and the food is amazing. Shareable plates so you can experience more of the menu. Cocktails were amazing too. Go see Sam at the bar. Top notch bartender who will craft any cocktail you can imagine.


Horrible service. The manager and the waiters were screaming at customers just because they complained about their service. I do not recommend this restaurant.

Divakar Jain

Hands down the BEST restaurant in Boston overall!!! Went to celebrate our anniversary and couldn't have asked for anything better. Great ambience for a romantic dinner. They had another area for people looking for a more casual yet classy vibe. The bar area also looked great for drinks and finger food. After all of that, the highlight was the food both in terms of presentation and more importantly, taste. Every dish was innovative and fusion of cuisines in the true sense. Plenty of vegetarian options on the menu. The tapas style concept also works great for the dishes and let's you try a number of different dishes which is highly recommended. The thought and effort put on every ingredient was clear and a very pleasant surprise. Great desserts as well. Relatively pricey on first look but worth every penny and felt cheap in the end considering the overall experience. Friendly and professional staff. I know it's a long review but this place totally deserves it!! Everything was perfect. Thank you!!

Valerie Dubrovsky

I absolutely am in love with this place. This is my second time going and it did not disappoint. If you are a fan of art, I highly recommend this place. It has a great vibe, insane food, reasonable priced appetizers and entres that are seen as upper scale and the service is amazing. I will come here again and again anytime I'm in Boston.

Gillian S.

The absolute perfect date place! The ambience is amazing (great music, romantic candle lit lighting, and comfy cushioned seats), the food is great (favorites being their croquettes, steak and octopus), and their drinks are so tasty. I would definitely recommend but food portions are quite small so be ready to order about 2-3 plates per person to get full. 10/10 would recommend!

Stacy L.

We booked a private party for a friend's birthday and while the food served tasted good, the portion sizes were a joke. However, the real issue here is the service that we were given. For the amount we paid, the service we received was extremely disappointing. The plates were taken away w/o notice before we had a chance to finish it. I didn't even get a chance to eat what little food we were served! The drinks, while good, was 90% ice. We had 3 big jars and they were filled to the brim with ice. Each jar served 3 people. When we tried to order more we were told that they didn't have enough of those jars to go around. When we tried ordering more drinks, we were told that the bar was closed - but we were never even given a last call. They started kicking us out minutes before our reservation was supposed to end, but the food wasn't even served until an hour into our reservation. As Ashley was kicking us out, she also looked extremely displeased, like someone had ruined her day by being there. They were quick to take our money but was even quicker kicking us out. We were out the door by 11:05 (our reservation for a party of 25 was from 8-11) If any clubs or bars are looking for bouncers to clear the streets of Boston of their post-club crowds at around 2AM, they should give Ashley a call because she did a great job of kicking us all out minutes before closing.

Frederick J.

My friend celebrated her birthday here. We booked the VIP room for about 25 people. For the price we paid, the service was unacceptable. Our dinner was separated into four courses I believe. To start, portions were extremely small. Each person maybe got 1 serving. It did taste good though, so we ignored the fact that the portions were small, being a "fancy place" and all. In the beginning, the service started off well and everyone was friendly. However, towards the end of the night they were trying to kick us out. Our VIP room was booked from 8-11 and by 10:30, they cleared our plates even though there were several plates with a good amount of food on them. Pretty sure we also missed a dish too. BTW we didnt get served our first course until 9. The birthday girl obviously got too drunk, but she was well-taken care of. It wasnt like she was spewing vomit all over. She had two friends with her in the bathroom taking care of her and at 10:50 they were trying to take down that door to tell her to basically GTFO. We were at the point of gathering our stuff by 10:55. At like 10:25 i had tried to order another drink but the bar had "closed". We were not given a "last call" warning at all. For the amount we paid, a large amount obviously already went to gratuity. So it wasnt like we cheaped out on tips either. The lady going around kicking us out didnt even try to look apologetic as she was kicking us out. She was walking around looking pissed off, like our presence there was ruining her day. The large pitchers that we had for alcohol was also maybe 95% ice. We got maybe 3 large pitchers and each filled up maybe 3-4 cups. We then tried to order another pitcher but apparently the restaurant didnt have enough for us to order another. How does a big ass restaurant like this not have enough pitchers for these kind of events? TLDR; food was decent. Small portions. If you enjoy being tossed out prior to the end of your dinner, this is the place for you.

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