Panera Bread

601 Memorial Dr Suite G, Chicopee
(413) 593-1800

Recent Reviews

Captain Kirk

A very positive experience. The staff was friendly, the food was delicious, and the restaurant was clean and well lit. Would definitely go again.

Jawad Awan

I once mistakenly made a mobile order here when I meant to make it a couple towns over. Called the store and the manager cleared it up right away no hassle or questions asked. 10/10 experience every time I come here or interact lol

Sam Bushey

It’s a very nice comfortable place to be. Prices are kinda high for the small amounts they give but a lot of things are really good :)

Jessica C.

This was the BEST Panera we've ever been to. My salad was so fresh (not always what we've experienced from other Paneras)!. I ordered everything online and it was waiting for us when we arrived (another occurrence that so rarely happens at Panera; we've waited as long as 45 min after ordering online). The people who work here are so pleasant and helpful!

8th Mind Infinity

The margherita pizza is good here at Panera bread.

EJ Mousey Prunier


Lierin Labonte

Always good. However, I think running out of bread bowls should never happen ?

elin duffy

Yum yum yum yum yum..Haven't been out to eat in forever! As usual, Panera never disappoints. I love summer because they have their chicken strawberry poppyseed salad.

Maria Aguero

Excellent!! We enjoy a nice afternoon eating a yummy meals and having a nice cup of coffee ☕ Excellent food ???

JeanAnn D.

Management sets the tone. If you've read my reviews, you know how I feel about management in chain and all restaurant businesses. Bravo to the manager at the Chicopee MA Panera who was circulating the dining room. I was literally trying to figure out how to make a comment on Facebook about my fruit cup that was only half full. When she asked if I needed anything, I Presented her with my half full cup and she responded in a way that showed she understood my problem. She responded with a full cup. I just hope that she spoke to her workers and didn't just fix the problem herself. The Teriyaki chicken grain bowl (or whatever it is called) was delicious as was the fresh fruit cup. I enjoyed this healthy grain and healthy carb meal. Thanks for the good management training (I'm assuming) that you provide.

Reef Tank 413

Food is greatRestaurant is very cleanI can't give it 5 stars for 2 reasons1.No parking2.Staff is not very friendlyTake out is ideal.

David Meyer

Great food. Reasonable prices.

Marine Theriault

Food was good soups are very good. Pizza doesn't have enough toppings or flavor. Was hungry so anything is good when your hungry. Great team of eorkets

Tethkar A.

CHECK YOUR FOOD BEFORE YOU LEAVE! We ordered two full size salads, looked nothing like a full size, did not have what it the description says (asian sesame chicken salad especially was a joke) and NO condiments for salad, not separate nor on the salad itself. Food was edible but just not accurate or acceptable. So be aware!!I usually check my Panera order before leaving but we were so hungry and in a hurry due to work the next day so I didn’t bother, my trust fooled me, sadly.

damian cortes

Awesome place to go to I go almost Everytime and they have not disappointed

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