16 Cottage Ave, Quincy
(617) 481-2170

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Eddie White

I ordered a chicken sandwich and it came with what appeared to be back all fat uncooked but then it could of been pork. They also put Cole slaw on the sandwich that soaked the bun .I took it off and the bread was still soaked so I ate it without the bread the french fries was old and greasy .it was a bad dining experience. I should of had a clue when I walked in there was one patron at the bar, we asked for the lounge side and had to squeeze between a propane heater and a doorway to get there a larger person would of had a problem.The Fours and the Fat Cat had 20 minute waits I should have waited.I will not be dining there again.

Catherine Wu

Excellent service. Salads and pizza are great. Great place for families.

Anarlie M.

Tip one way street and parking is by parallel parking right by shaking crab. Very huge amount of topping options for pizza . Gas drinks before in thrre over 2000 times with my newphew "Baby" Bertolina Zeriawbasasei . My first time was weeks ago I had delicious French fries they roileevin healthy vinegar I guess chicken added to be best I had in long time kate might me u until 11:00pm think every night will repeat as customer

Mark M.

This might be the best pizza I've had on the south shore--crispy bottom with nicely charred cheese with pepperoni hiding underneath as a little surprise; Fig and prosciutto was perfect salty and sweet combo. Nice attentive service and good beers. Small menu but it packs a punch. Can't want to go back and watch a game and do it all again.


Great service, great food. Highly recommended.

Tim Real

HUGE fan of 16C. One of my all time favorite spots: great food, great staff, great atmosphere, great owner. I've been there many times, and highly recommend it to anyone !

Kaycee M.

Some of the best food in Quincy. Pro tip - if you can't decided between two different pizza sheets, you can do 1/2 and 1/2. Fig and prosciutto sheet is amazing and espresso martini was a treat.

Keya B.

Great food and drinks. Welcoming staff and owner. I have literally told my whole family and friends about this place. I wish they open earlier in the day. My fav Quincy spot to date.

Deanna Aaa

Horrible the food is absolutely horrible no flavor also rice is not supposed to be Mushy and no flavor I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy. Talk about bland food. The waitress came over to my table and said I’m going to steal this chair instead of saying can I borrow this chair rude and incompetent people working at this place I’m glad me and my family are the one and Done family. If you wanna keep your taste buds I wouldn’t recommend this place bland is a understatement. I’m Puerto Rican and Sicilian I know flavor but this place needs some lessons

Virginia Maness

Food was wonderful!! Fresh, creative, delicious. Service was awesome. Our waitress was attentive and friendly. I really can't say enough good things about the food. Cheap ($1 per hour) public parking one block away. Visit 16C! You'll be glad you did! ?

Nichole B.

I went to 16C last night with a friend without reservations. The restaurant was booked for the night with other customers with reservations but the owner took her time reviewing all the times and eventually found us a spot. She warned us our table would be needed by 7pm and that was fine we were just grateful to get a seat. We were greeted by a lovely waitress Abby. She was so friendly an attentive. We ordered drinks and I had been there previously with coworkers and the bartender remembered someone had a food allergy so sent Abby back to make sure we didn't have allergies, just so thoughtful! The spinach and artichoke dip was not your traditional dip it had bacon in it adding a smokey flavor and it was to die for. Much to our surprised the owner figured out all seating arrangements and we got to stay longer than expected. It was such a great evening I can't recommend 16C more. The food is great, the staff is beyond excellent and it just a perfect place for a night out.

Christine Coakley

The food and service was excellent. I highly recommend this place.

Michelle M.

Food was very good - the Charred broccoli caesar is delicious. But $12? For a head of broccoli and some dressing? Food is good, but overpriced in my opinion.

Michaela Romano-Smith

Food/Travel Instagram: michaela_romanosmithReview: Went for dinner and overall had a great experience! Great food, drinks and service. Overall good value and would highly recommend!Perfectly crafted dishes + drinks.? FIG & PROSCIUTTO PAN SHEET PIZZA, THREE CHEESE ARANCINI?MARGARITA

Michaela Romano-Smith

Food/Travel Instagram: michaela_romanosmith

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