B Cafe

405 Hancock St, Quincy
(617) 657-0008

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Kate A.

I really want to like B Cafe as a local spot, but they never prepare their sushi with care. Always made with minimal amounts of tuna and salmon, but they make sure to overload the roll with tempura. It looks like something I could have made at home, and not something properly rolled from a sushi cafe. I always hope that I won't be disappointed, but here we are disappointed and underwhelmed.

Lauren P.

This is my corner sushi spot, I come here at least once a week and it incredible! The sushi chefs are so nice and so quick and accommodate my specifications. I keep ordering this one roll in hopes they add it to their menu! I call it the local, look at picture for description. If you want to try just customize the seared salmon roll. Anyways some of my other favorites that are on the menu, are the beef teriyaki bowl, the mango madness roll, the seared salmon nigiri, the b cafe chicken tenders, oh and Omgsh don't forget the Honey Green Tea with boba! Okay I could go on forever about this place, this place is yummy affordable and consistent! I truly say all 5 star! Already know I'll be back next week...and week after lol! If you try the Local let me know what you think!

risaacma boston

B-Cafe never fails to disappoint. Food is good !

Sarah L.

Never have an issue here. Standards of quality and portions never change. The food is awesome and definitely get a smoothie!

Bob S.

This is really good sushi. Well made. Fast. Happy to find this place. Will go back often. Looking forward to lunch once a week.

Riyad M.

Great spot with amazing sashimi ands poke bowls (our go-to!!) The hot entrees are great as well, and as far as pick up orders go they're usually ready in 15min at the most! A usual in our rotation

Kathleen L.

I used to love the milk tea at bcafe. It used to be the best around Boston. The flavor used to be fragrant with tea flavor and just right amount of sweetness. Nowadays the tea has no tea flavor whatsoever and super sweet. Literally drinking sweetened water. I'm wasting my calories drinking this and money is definitely wasted. DISGUSTING!

Bao T.

I've been going here for years. Used to be a great place, is now mediocre at best. But they made sure to keep the high prices. The staff also seem to forget to put wasabi and such when requested. It's odd because they make sure you tip, as they glare at the screen every time you swipe your card. Hope they get better because there are plenty of other options for mediocre sushi.

carlton knox

Very nice food for the price. I got a sashimi bowl for 17.25$ and it was tasty and very filling

Mackenzie Z.

Good job giving my roommate food poising from your pork.

John Mcseveney

Just had perfect tuna poke bowl while watching Bruins, thank you!

Ellie L.

I am a regular here and get take out delivery here Alll the time, for the most part we always stick to getting the same stuff but have notice the last 2 months the quality of food have really continuously fall down hill. The chirashi bowl are always missing sides or something and the bowl is definitely fulfilling as it used to be. Considering prices are increasing which I totally understand due to covid but if price are increasing the quality on the food should remain to be fair. We always get 2 orders of spicy crunchy California roll for my 3 year old, that's all she ever wants to eat alllll the time and after yesterday's order she took to bite and didn't want anymore. I kid you not when I say she finish to orders of it every time !!! She didn't want anymore because she kept spitting out the sushi because it was chewy. And it also looks a regular California roll with just spicy Mayo on stop. There were absolutely no crunch to it. Eve the roll itself is sooo much smaller than it used to be. I'm am realllyyyy sad to be writing this review because my family absolutely love this place and it has always been our go to when I'm not cooking. I really hope things pick up and someone really put some notice into the quality of their food because I really don't want to stop going here!!!

Dannie W.

This place is not bad. I ordered the sakedon, and it's big (well, I added a few things here making it bigger). Everything tastes good. The sushi rice could have been better. And they could have given more wasabi. It's so tiny.

Melanie W.

Only call or order online, no walk in. No entering, staff will bring out your order to the front steps, great social distance. Definitely 5 stars for the precaution. On the food side, the portion of the sushi considered small and the prices are a little steep. All their maki are between 4-6 pieces. Most places that I ordered had 6-8 pieces. I would rather order at Fuji or Hakata Ramen but I had take out at Pho Linh which is right across the street, so I ended up ordering here.

Hazem Barkache

Easy 5 stars duh!! Their food is amazing and their service is very good. The thing is they know that and they keep making the menu more and more expensive. If they are going to keep doing that, they’re going to lose a lot of business. So is it really worth it to keep adding 50 cents or $1 every once in a while??

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